Chronicles of a “Carny”

Roads and Kingdoms:

Intrigued by the enduring mystery of carnival culture, photographer Eric Kruszewski wanted not just to shoot the carnival, but to experience it from the inside. He documented life as a “carny” in off hours. His photography blends the poeticism of the lit-up carnival with the reality of the road, where hard work and family living combine.

These shows are familiar to those of us who lived in small towns in the US and Canada (are these kinds of carnivals popular/still around in Europe?) and it’s interesting to see the story from the inside out.

  • imthedude

    Great photos. Call me weird, but I feel bad for the children of the Carny workers. That must be a hard life for a kid.

    • Moeskido

      Not weird at all. Adults can choose to live that life. Kids can’t.

  • SV650

    There was one in Amsterdam for the few weeks surrounding King’s Day, so it seems they still exist in Europe.