What to do once you’ve finished all the beer

Now that’s talent.

  • Frankly, I don’t want to be anywhere around Jim where the phrase “finished all the beer” might occur.

    • Guest

      Why not? At least they’re not driving!

    • Suzie’Q

      Lighten up !! These guys are really Talented.

      • GavinHoole

        You guys missed Mark’s humour. The idea of all the beer being finished is what he doesn’t want to experience. 🙂

        • and can you imagine Jim Dalrymple being denied Heineken? shudder

          • TintheP

            it’s music not lurid drinking. No one was drunk. they were bright eyed and entertaining.

          • poppy ann

            they were not drinking Heineken by the looks of the bottles

        • Me

          Right over everyones head Gavin. Sigh!

      • Fun

        This was a fun vid…can’t we all just leave it at that and enjoy some talented guys having fun!

    • Joan Belanger Boudreaux

      They ‘ll make more!!

    • Doug

      youre a twat mark

      • lou

        Doug, are you good at limbo dancing because Mark’s joke has gone right over your head!!!

        • patriot2


    • amateurgardener 2009

      You might if you really cared about the integrity of your body. I hope you are joking.

    • Guest

      Lighten up on Mark, maybe his life, or someone he loves, has been negatively affected by alcohol. I think that’s all he means. I can relate in a lot of ways, although I really enjoyed the talent of these guys.

    • -Azza-

      I honestly am Astonished that the humor was missed so gravely. Even to the point of insulting Good ol’ Mark.. Hehe

    • sparksnavy

      Mark– I saw the asterisks being used–but, is so easy to miss as the result of the many comments of “your lack of humor” unquote– Mark–use the LOL (laugh out loud) and that will get people’s attention about your “humor” or the lack thereof!

    • patriot2

      what’s this Michael Jackson stuff?I know Michael Jackson writes beer books,but they were also doing a Michael Jackson song.

      • Jay Reidy

        Two different Michaels, I think 🙂

    • Bob Kraft

      Cool vid but hilarious comments about MARK dissing Jim like he’s some kind of raging alcoholic – That down there is funny. What else can they play!?

    • sircliff

      Spoken like a pin-headed baptist.

    • Wyreba

      Would it make you feel much better, Marky, if they titled it ‘Recycling Empty Beer Bottles’, and posted it as GREEN.

    • fatbandit

      I don’t want to even imagine a world where “finished all the beer” is even a possibility.

    • Destroyer

      Yo Mark, why would you post your picture and make comments like THAT? Those guys tore it up, really talented,on a classic song. Nerd.

    • Me

      Mark, I don’t know you but reading the comments about your BLATANTLY OBVIOUS joke was painful and makes me want to buy you a beer bud. For the people jumping all over him…OMG!!!! I should never read these comment sections, I fear for the future of mankind.

    • Mike Knowlton

      LMAO@ all the people who get so much mileage out of misunderstanding oone (very good) joke. BTW, if yu don’t wnt to be there when the beer is all gone, get a new hobby – I brew my own and NEVER run out.

  • Moeskido

    I like that they did this in a church.

    • Emma

      I don’t!

      • Moeskido

        If the church allowed it, why wouldn’t you? There’s great acoustics in some of those halls.

        • garyhope

          Much of the world’s great music was created for church’s and religious reasons. And Moeskido is right, the acoustics for music in most church’s are fantastic.

          • Mary

            there’s a bar in Pittsburgh in an old church : the Church Brew Works !

          • Nancie Jean Papriska Cheskey

            Been there! Love it!

          • amateurgardener 2009

            I saw a documentary about that

          • Joe W

            I recorded in a studio called Media Sound back in the 80’s in NYC that was an old church. The sound was amazing in there. The likes of Aerosmith were there as well as Gladys Knight and many others recorded there.

          • amateurgardener 2009

            The church is not a building but its people who have committed to the Lord.; the building is a meeting place

          • Richard Reid

            the Church is where God resides as well in the Tabanacle..Body and blood.So not just a building!!!

          • Jan

            Richard How do you manage to confine God to a place or a building? Forgive me but God can not be contained. Also to which denomination’s church are you going to confine Him?

          • mcbockalds

            “Him?” Or confine God to a gender?

          • danjeannine@fuse.net

            A tabernacle is a church or a housing or a receptacle for a host. Not a tabanacle

          • garyhope

            So, let’s knock down Notre Dame, Canterbury Cathedral and The Vatican if they don’t matter.

            You and your friends can go meet in a field in the middle of winter in the rain and snow. Good luck.

          • Dave Ross

            And much of the world’s great beer was created by monks!

          • garyhope

            Not to mention Champagne by Dom Perignon.

          • Jay Reidy

            And Chartreuse.

        • penslayer


      • Harry Bailey

        vat, you don’t like them drinkin vine in zee church

        • 1Caryn

          didn’t see them drinking – but so what if they were – they didn’t appear to drunk just having a good time making music.

        • yumadlh

          Beer is not vine. Wine is.

          • Ron Roy

            Ethanol is ethanol no matter the source.

      • 1Caryn

        Even Jesus drank of the fruit of the wine – good grief.

        • konti

          Fruit of the vine

          • 1Caryn


        • JimB

          Fructus vivendi.

        • Jenny Lee Kern Winfield

          I bet he drank beer too. One of the oldest beer recipes comes from Egypt! 🙂 I see no reason not to create music in the church, and if you object to beer bottles.. please this is 2014 not the dark ages. They could have used other glass bottles, but it might not have sounded quite the same. I’m sure thickness of the glass probably provides a nice timbre quality.

          • Casey

            Lets say of he drank all of the beer chances are he might get drunk after that a big headache I know these things.

          • silverstreak

            If they drank all of the beer, every bottle would have exactly the same note. It’s the difference in the amount of beer left in the bottle that creates the different notes. So far nobody but me understands that or you just want to argue about getting drunk on beer and wine.

          • Tony Laing

            Cheesus….the boys wr just havin’ fun….stop analysing beyond the intent!!! IT WAS FUN!!!

          • angela w.

            Beer is actually good for you.

          • garyhope

            Ha ha,….try and tell that to the Highway Patrol or your local police department.

            “Officer, I was just following my doctor’s orders. I just had a few beer for my health.”

            “Tell it to the judge pal.”

          • Ron Roy

            Cops love people who drive drunk it’s job security. Just kidding.

          • Ikinitse

            Hey, in Texas, it is acceptable behavior to ask the highway patrolman to hold your beer while you get out your driver’s license! (tongue-in-cheek!)

          • Mike G

            And hold your pistol in the other hand..lol PS, I’m pro 2nd Amend, and M1 owner Semper Fi

          • garyhope

            You used to be able to drink beer and drive in Texas. They measured distances by the six pack.

          • David Theisen

            if you don’t drink it excessively!!! its one thing to drink it when u only drink occasionally, but when you are a raging alcoholic, its not good at all

          • Andrew George Whitaker
            • in moderation.
          • 1goodbob

            It made Bud-Wieser !

          • William Benton

            I thought they sent him to school

          • skydad

            When Jesus turned the water into wine, I bet they didn’t say: “Ooooh, Jesus, you show do make some good grape juice.”

          • Howard Thurston

            I had an argument about this very point with my Sunday School teacher when I was a know-it-all 12, back in 1958. She slapped me down and continued with her lesson.

          • Mike G

            maybe you had it coming to you..lol

          • joe foley

            THIS WAS FUN but what was the joke mark

          • aiti

            The recipe is far older the that from Egypt. GOD gave Noah a recipe and told him how much to put on the ARK.

          • Mike G

            I don’t remember seeing that in the movie “Noah” lol

          • Howard Thurston

            Did all of Noah’s sons bring their girl friends along? Bet when they broke out the wine, there was a fun time to be had on the old ark! Or did all of humanity originate, once again, with Mr. and Mrs. Noah? Thus the need for lots of wine! Too much will defeat the purpose, however. But maybe I am thinking too much about things we shouldn’t think about! I’m sure it was all done in the missionary position, however.

        • IMRightNURWrong


          • 1Caryn

            yup Jesus – you know Craig’s brother

          • lash

            I think craig drank “cold coors light”

          • IMRightNURWrong

            JESUS FREAK ALERT!

          • 1Caryn

            lol – guess you never heard the song Craig Christ or you would never say that! Oh well – can’t expect everyone to be enlightened.

          • IMRightNURWrong

            We must be a generation … or FOUR apart!

          • 1Caryn

            That could be true – but in any case – I thought the beer bottle serenade was great – regardless of where it was recorded – and that was my point – 🙂

          • IMRightNURWrong

            Fair enough.

          • ubisububi

            There is nothing enlightening about organized dogma.

          • 1Caryn

            Fool! read the whole post and you’ll get the point – no one mentioned organized dogma! Sheesh! Some people are always ready to jump the gun against religion. Obviously you too never heard the song “CraigChrist” – and are unenlightened!

          • ubisububi

            Not that I feel I owe the likes of YOU an explanation, but you clearly missed the point of my post. I was responding to the original poster in this thread, not the story. You really should put down the bible and wipe the bias out of your eyes before you attempt to name-call and criticize. You simple end up looking foolish otherwise.

          • 1Caryn

            re read my post fool! Or better yet – just look up the song Craig Christ – then you’ll know what I was referring too – and surely is not the bible.

      • IMRightNURWrong


        • Image one

          Thank you. It is more about the music. Reminds me of the Pan Flute.

      • StraysAbound

        “It is not what goes into your mouth that defiles you, it is what comes out of it.” — Remember who said that.

        • Mstrdiver

          My mother on many occasions!

        • Margaret Jane Nolen

          I loved the music and I love this comment! Thank you!!

        • Mutley

          Monica Lewinsky said that

          • PQ

            billy Jean was my lover and the kid is mine!

          • Mike G


      • ubisububi

        They have use sacramental wine bottles instead.

      • syhcoach

        “Beer is God’s way of showing us he loves us and wants us to be happy” — Benjamin Franklin. Now, you wouldn’t want to disagree with Ol’ Ben, would you? HIC

      • Krissy

        Try taking a chili pill!!

      • Ron Roy

        A little wine or beer is good for the spirit. Jesus would have approved.

      • TalentFan

        Good God woman, get that stick out your backside. Are you also offended that they allow addicts/alcoholics inside to attend NA/AA meetings?

        Really, it’s not like they were actually drinking inside the church nor were they even close to condoning the consumption of the same.

      • Earl L Nelson Jr.

        Monks created beer.

      • ErnesiO

        It’s a Catholic Church. That’s what we do. Others may not. That’s cool. It’s called religious tolerance. out the bill of rights.

      • LUV2SKICO

        Benjamin Franklin: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

      • Kennuf

        Over a beer the other nite, I asked my Pastor what he thought….he sed “Buy me another beer while I think about it”.

      • soulwoman

        A church is just a building. Never heard about Jesus teaching in a church. He seemed to always be out and about. Last time I went to a service (as a guest) they showed on a screen where the ATM was in the church

      • Jayne Toldon

        Why??? Emma they drink wine in church oh I know it is to be thought of as the blood of Christ it is still wine ……my church does not make you a sinner if you enjoy a beverage only if you abuse your body is it a sin….

    • The best beers in the world are brewed in monasteries. Some orders used to fast for a month at a time, but they could drink beer, the only potable beverage available, without limit and got their calories to live and work from it.

      • Lester Licher

        I must be a monk!

    • Lummi

      Of course they did it in church. That’s how we know there’s a God, because he gave man the ability to brew beer….except Moosehead, that was the Devil’s work.

      • angela w.

        AHAHAHAHAH That is funny! Wait until I show this comment to my husband who drinks Moosehead. I agree, that stuff is ugly. hahah

      • garyhope


        I like Canada and Canadians. Nice country, good people.

        • Lummi

          I couldn’t agree more. Victoria B.C. is one of our favorite getaway spots. But when it comes to their brews, I’ll stick with Guiness.

    • johnnyfarout

      it’s not a church…it’s in some ivy league college building hall

    • Inkslinger

      Church: It’s probably where the AA meeting was. 🙂

    • Kevin


      • Moeskido

        Because it’s a good-looking performance space and the acoustics are terrific.

        • Kevin

          I agree.

  • shadowphiar


    • Ken


    • TheDoctor

      Oy Vey!

    • Jori Nunes

      Party pooper!

  • Garry

    I don’t see anybody playing the bass part!

    • TheDoctor

      Look at the man with the pink sash. He’s playing a drum.

      • Roxann

        Look a little closer – that “drum” is the large water bottle the main guy caught then threw behind him – wonder what Michael would have thought of this rendition! I think it was great!!

        • Mikel Crisp

          prob would’ve sued them.

  • FWB Deb

    they guy in pink is doing the base

    • Bert Simpson

      1st, 2nd or 3rd?

    • Mark


    • EscapedfromZion


  • Coach

    I’ll toast to’m!

  • GiraFFe1948

    I’d PAY to see these guys perform !! For you ‘doubters’ ….it depends on how much LIQUID is in each bottle to get the desired note !! NOT fake !!

    • konti

      Yes, of course it depends on how much liquid is in the bottle. But the sound they are producing is not quite the same as that produced from bottles. The timbre does not match.

      • David Williamson

        Disagree, everyone gets an opinion. I happen to disagree with yours. It sounded proper to me, I’ve been around people that have attempted this, never got it but the sound was the same.

        • Mikel Crisp

          love these guys and this video. but they were bottle-syncing.

          • David Williamson

            OK, won’t argue it. What ever they are doing, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • CarlaJD

    Great Job! Enjoyed it a lot

  • CarlaJD

    Enjoyed the Music… I have heard “bottle” music before the church gives it a unique sound.

  • Bee Finkle

    You guy’s were GREAT..Keep on Keep on.. you got this … Be

    • CraigOlsen

      guy is? Back into your trailer home.

  • rich


  • mustang6984

    Interesting…and pretty cool.

  • Bruce

    This is just WAY KEWL!! Now I want to hear BEAT IT!!!

  • nimbii

    I’m laughing and at the same time amazed at creative people.

  • Fritz1964

    Beer: the germ of all great creativity.

  • OldretiredSFdude

    Now that’s what I call recycling. Luv it!

  • aviationfinance

    Made the Dog Howl !

  • 1Caryn

    That was clever – and cute!

  • firstshirt66

    Fake or real, who cares, it was for real entertaining. Some of you need to ease up. This type of entertainment has been around a long time. I am looking for more from them.

  • JimB


  • Always_RIGHT2

    If it’s real, very talented. I suspect it’s all fake. sound is edited in… notice how never a single missed note, or time when they didn’t blow “right” and have sort of a “thud” noise.

    • Mango Chutney

      A new dimension in lip-syncing.

    • Chuck Patterson

      I’m sure they didn’t do this in one take. If you missed a note or had a thud noise, would you publish it? Lighten up – give them some credit,

  • CitizenOne

    absolutely awesome music, that is some real talent you boys have there. Love the sound , and I can’t believe all that came out of a few bottles. You guys are amazing.

  • Villi

    Talented human beings are amazing, mind blowing. Humanity I salute you!

  • Kathy

    Love it. Thanks for a smile!

  • DonSipe

    Hey Emma, I lived in Germany for 11 years. Best beers are made by monasteries. The monks do good work.

  • judi

    Awesome ! Absolutely fabulous. Talk about job creation at his best ! Loved the perfect pitch on this bottles and the reverb in the church.

  • nightowl

    Gimme a beer!

    • IMRightNURWrong

      ~~~ ALCOHOLIC ALERT ~~~

  • Francesco Zerilli

    As for the pop-up add “do you support Obama” I voted no, he’s destroying this country and his open border policy will ultimately tear this country apart. Where’s the outrage at the thousands of central and south american children that are being shipped here and Obama is asking for a billion dollars in order to feed and house them? My question is why aren’t they being turned away at the border? For those of you who support this border envasion, keep in mind that these children will eventually be accepted into universities ahead of your own child. Affirmative Action is not dead……

    • bennzOriginal

      I wonder if discriminating against our own species is the optimum evolutionary strategy…..(?.!)

      • IMRightNURWrong

        I don’t wonder!

    • lv2design

      Pop-ads are different for everyone, depending on where you’ve been recently online…sites you’ve visited, items you’ve been researching before buying etc. The ad I saw was for education…

    • Sonia

      Francesco, this is not a forum for your political views. It’s supposed to be about the music. Enjoy the creativity and lighten up for Pete’s sake!!

    • dharscheid

      Oh, Shut Up!

    • LadyAnneJT

      Nothing to see here – just a replay of the way we turned away Jewish children during WWII. A classic American case of NIMBY. And I have NO idea what it has to do with the beer bottles.

  • Observant_One

    That is most cool. But that piece was not made after downing that many beers. :)))

    • jc

      My thoughts and about to be my comments exactly!

  • margie

    I liked these guys.

  • Sylvia Deveau Gulino

    Loved every note. They are genius. Now that’s talent!!!!

  • Douglas Richard Walsh

    This is so cool. enjoy it for the smiles it brings.

  • Cecile Williams

    CN Mke Art from anything if you have the imagination

  • Ben Wall

    this just great, So there are good young people.

  • Jennifer Miller

    I’m sending it on to my nephew, the Master Brewer at Port Huron Brewing in Wi. Dells. Loved it. Thanks Jennifer

  • dogloverlaura

    LOL these guys are unique! Great job!

  • El

    That’s talent!

  • Just Me

    Oh my stars how creative ! The HolySpirit is jammin so is God and Jesus. Hey who do you think created music, sounds air yea rock on boys !!!!

  • Eleanor Dillon

    Sound like the flutes of the Andes. Beautiful!

  • Keystone

    Disgusting! Obama who?

  • Bill L.

    That was great! I really enjoyed that and also would like to volunteer for the next time they need a bunch of empty beer bottles…although it must be hard to drink just the right amount out of each one ;^) As far as I can tell the “bass line” is split up between the two outer guys in the back row. I’m sure they could have gotten the same sound from soda bottles in a gymnasium…but who cares!

  • I Seigel

    Ah, THAT’S who’s drinking all the PBR. Mystery solved.

  • Mike

    Moeskido, WHY do you like that they did this in a church? In my opinion this is a sacrilege (oh, forgive me America no longer believes in Christ and therefore NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION)!

    • Frederick L May Sr

      The structure of the church enhances the sound. These guys have a talent that goes far beyond be average person. Enjoyed every minute of it.

    • Chuck Patterson

      I must have missed the verse where it says it is sacrilege to drink beer in a church. Aren’t some monks known for the quality of wine and/or beer they can produce? Don’t be so uptight.

    • stan0301

      I think it is Christians that are the folk that worship a wine maker. Stan


      mike: EAT SHIT AND DIE !

  • jake

    these men are extremely talented and doing something original and entertaining. what is the obsession with the location whilst overlooking the obvious talent? and as to anyone thinking they may have been drunk, how on earth do you think they managed such a clever and complex piece of music? these guys were SOBER! for heavens wake up and smell the coffee!

  • glorious1

    This is too cool!

  • David

    Just plain great, these guys would do well on tv. I wish them the best

  • Dobbo

    bet they’d win Britain’s got talent.

  • Clinie

    God gave us music – why wouldnt He want to hear it in His house?

  • Montgomery Scott

    Its sixteen minutes after 10, plus 27 seconds (on the watch). The brand labels have been removed from the bottles (in order to protect the corporate innocent). The braver ones hold mere ‘six-packs’ but a bolder one holds an ‘eight-pack’ (where in the Sam Hill can you get an ‘8-pack’, anyway?). Respectfully submitted for your approval: Five men gather together in an empty building (call it a church or call it an empty tomb of lost loves; as is your particular choice of venue). These men have TWO things in common: They all like to empty beer bottles, and (as strange as it might seem) they ALL have ex-girlfiends who happen to share the same first name of ‘Billie Jean’. What happens next is the stuff of lost hopes and aspirations; and the despirited calling of a long-dead pop-music icon in a theatrical expose that can only be understood in: The TWILIGHT ZONE…

    My apologies and my fealty to those such as Rod Serling, for looking like I am mocking this magnificent display of talent and creativity.

  • RedMeatState
  • KootenayBill

    What the hell is the matter with people. Does it really matter where the music is coming from? Its great music. You should only be offended or concerned if they were dancing and singing on the bodies of dead babies. Get a life, smell the roses, enjoy the music.

  • Diana Brazelton

    I absolutely loved this.!!!

  • chino

    Just close your eyes and enjoy the good musical talent of these guys,the best so far and comes from empty bottles!!!Congratulations

  • bertie

    great music lads. enjoyed your show. keep up the good music. Bravo.

  • Jan Berg-Andreassen

    These guys definitely knew why the group, consisting of c,g & e-flat, was thrown out of the bar. Great technical skills and enthusiasm.

  • uschi

    How can people get hung up on the “where” the Bottle Boys did this, instead of marveling at the fabulous talent these guys display playing a tune on bottles. Amazing!

  • Cathy De Ruysscher

    Ingenious ,very talented,and who sayed thy drink all the beer. A person that is very impress by you guys. Keep going and Bonne chance

  • Wayne

    Wow! You guys should enter America’s Got Talent or something…..

  • ToniA5555 .

    I absolutely love it!

  • SpankyPE

    Mighty good a blowing, fellas!

  • Burt

    No only are they super talented but they are soooo cute…!

  • The truth sucks

    The beer was to help them remove the bad memories and the taste in their mouth that the priest left them with; X choir boys.

    • Margaret1948

      Are you insane? Or just a sick bastard???

      • Mike

        No Margaret, he just hates anything which does not degrade society like the scum of the earth rappers, Hip-Hop who would not know a bar of soap if it fell on their heads or who love to sing about all the degrading things they want to do to women and police.

    • burtie

      You are absolutely right…

  • Roy

    Bottled music beats Canned music any day!

  • lenny

    WOW, can they biow

    • Mike G

      so can monica lol

  • Anna

    Great loved it let there be many more talented people in this world. We need you

  • Helen

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. I bet it took a long time to learn to even play those bottles.

  • Rhonda Burt

    That was great, yet another way to make music.

  • Patricia Keen Diaz

    Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze me!

  • Michael Dennis

    Rock On!!

  • Cindy

    the problem with this country and the attitude of people is there is no joy this was fun no reason for all the angry comments. This was just fun but as usual there is criticism and judgement. No wonder we get nothing done in this country everyone is so divisive

  • Love it!


    Why recycle when you can : MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, THAT WAS GREAT, THANK YOU!

  • Tronbrd

    Like the saying goes… I’d rather have a beer in front of me than a frontal lobotomy… This was too good!

  • Lisa Mae

    I think rather than Michael “rolling over in his grave” this would probably make him smile. He never piddled with those kids and I miss him.

  • robwin01

    Guys at their finest.

  • Tom

    Very creative and very good!!!

  • JFW

    They MUST be Australian!!! 😀 Nobody else worships beer enough to do that with empty bottles!!! (-j/k-)

    • Janet697

      you jealous you didn’t think of it.???

  • Elizabeth

    This is truly amazing and who would have thought about having an entire band of bottles!!! Oh, sure have played around with one!!!! Great creative talent!

  • Wally Marshall

    Good stuff!

  • fran

    I loved it! These guys are great.. I wonder how long they had to practice to get the sound they wanted. They should make a commercial…

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Fantastic. If it takes drinking more beer for this talent – so be it.

  • skydad

    When Jesus turned the water into wine, I bey they didn’t all say: “Wow, Jesus, you sure do make good grape juice”.

  • Chilibreath

    Getting back to the subject at hand; these guys are excellent at what they do and what they’ve put together for this video. I’ll never look at an empty beer bottle in the same light again.

  • SJ’s Dad

    The BREW-HA-HA you two started has EVERYONE here missing the point: Beer aficionado: Michael Jackson Billie Jean by: Michael Jackson COINCIDENCE?!?!?!?!?

  • Mike

    Gee there is hope for good music after all.

    A bunch of highly talented guys, not singing about all the vile things they want to do to their women or police, not full of disgusting tattoos (well at least not visible), and guys who look like they are familiar with soap and water, and taking some great music and performing it not only differently but very well.

  • Derbydoll

    I will show this to the church bell choir. Who knows? We may want to branch off into performance music.

  • Ladyj58

    That is the most creative musical rendition of Jackson’s hit there is on the planet, in my humble opinion!

  • joshuasweet

    a lot of beers to get that good!

  • mark

    I’ll drink to that

  • angela w.

    What awesome talent! It was great!

  • Walter Petrie

    Absolutely great. These guys are talented and innovative. All of you who feel that it was a problem because it was done in a church (pipe organ in background) lighten up, ’cause nothing indicates that the beer was consumed on the premises. Further, one of the classic R&R songs was done in a cathedral, ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procul Harum’ because of the great acoustics, as someone else pointed out about these buildings.

  • Harry Bailey

    Folks, me thinks you take things to seriously, it was a joke. Everyone knows they drink wine in church, those priests just love it.

  • Kris Carver

    Wow! Gives a whole new meaning to the word “creative.” That’s talent!

  • Liz

    These guys are talented. Wonder what they could do with real instruments!

  • Cathy Adams

    I almost did not play this, but am so happy I did. It is a keeper.

  • roseken

    Talent is talent, and music is awesome. who said they drank the beer, you can just get the bottles. I collect cans, and many are beer cans, I didnt drink out of them. so dont judge, if they drank the beer, its what they did with the empty bottles that’s the awesome part. Good Job, and hope it continues too. As for it being in a Church, best acoustics there are, and it makes a difference in sound quality, so for those who are on their high horse about religion, sit on it!

  • Marilyn Andrew

    Do you seriously think they could have played the bottles after drinking them. That is not easy to do and they did it very well!

  • Michael Alden

    I don’t care what type of bottle they are using. They are fantastic.

  • Judy Dutko

    My kind of Wind Ensemble!!!! Let’s Party!!

  • linald@comcast.net

    Who cares what they drank or where. They are quite talented. No one commented on their talent. Shame on all for getting into all the drinking comments

  • John Bostick

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Fielding Melish

    I don’t think MJ drank beer. He drank “Jesus juice”.

  • Call me skeptic but that seems to well done to be real. If they really performed that with just bottles, kudos.

  • tee

    I think it BLOWS

  • outsidethebox

    It’s called being creative and non judgemental. If they are not huring anyone being respectfull who cares what they use to create music. I try my best to surround myself with positive, creative, caring and uplifting human beings. Not always an easy thing to do. Congratulations for having fun and for thinking outside the box. As far as doing it in our out of a church most people have the wrong concept of “church.” God created those individuals who in fact created the music. It is not our job to judge why they are in the church. The back drop of churches have been used for many things and God did not begin inside a building. So lets look at the positive side of what is here. And before you negative people out there say I am living in a dream world, I am not. Life is challenging, hard, frustrating and hurtful. I work very hard to keep peace and harmony around me. Not an easy task. I know there are people out there who enjoy being mean spirited, putting people down, being closed in their thinking. So drink beer, wine and anything else responsibly. Moderation in all things.

  • tommorofski

    Talent indeed! Beautiful backround too!!

  • Mel

    Really clever and very musical! Nice work, guys. And it took a lot of work to refine. I think, perhaps, the comments below represent envy. Great acoustics – love the pipe organ inspiration.

  • Pat Mason

    A couple of years ago, a Lutheran church group formed a bottle band, see https://www.facebook.com/Bottleband

  • Gloria

    Try out for America’s Got Talent!! I really enjoyed it!!

  • Michael Fuller

    Boo to all who objected to this video.

  • Barbara Contessa

    WOW, that was unbeleivable!!!

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    Not the Michael Jackson everyone knew! This was a different genre and I really enjoyed it a lot. Everything about it! The talent, the unique musical sound that came from these boys and the church setting. Just Great!

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    I’m amazed that they can play that good after drinking all that beer

  • donkay

    I Love this song, I don’t care where they played it, it’s great!

  • Janhmelb

    Fantastic! Note that you don’t have to be a drinker to obtain beer bottles. Many years ago I played the Blue Danube on bottles and tiny jars by tapping them with a spoon, but this is much better. Well done! Janhmelb.

  • Maureen Totland

    You need to be on America’s Got Talent!!!!! You’d win for sure! Incredible!!!

    • rick charles

      My guess is they have a Germany’s Got Talent. They could definitely win!

  • JT White

    They didn’t drink it in church, just played joyful music. Besides they are probably just good Catholic boys anyway. 🙂

  • LadyAnneJT

    Obviously a bunch of German Lutherans. (I know; I am one.)

  • rick charles

    We’re too old school. When we finish the beer, we make a beer run. lol

  • bluebird

    Awesome!!! Very creative…..

  • D. Novak

    Hi guys! Here is a comment of a real german, and a real beer-drinker. You are the best! I never heard and seen something better!

  • Mason Rickman Connie

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  • Cool! This is what I call talent…

  • Kathryn Wyant

    These are people with WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands!

  • MomMom S

    Totally AWESOME! What Talent….and my favorite man’s songs…Michael Jackson….King of Pop! Loved this….lol

  • Dave

    Do not forget that they had to precisely refill (am assuming not with recycled beer) those bottles to get the right frequencies and resonance. Am certain they were sober by the time they got in tune.

  • actorbob

    They shoud be on America’s Got Talent

  • Guilford King

    That was amazing, but they would have a better chance of getting laid if they were singing. ha.

  • mr mann

    They certainly have great ears for intonation to tune the bottles to proper pitches….all in all, very talented…..good job, very creative.

  • Billy Edens

    5 blow hards they are really good !!!

  • swingdancer7

    Believe each bottle had a certain amount of beer to make the tone. So not finished all the beer! Enjoyed!

    • Mike G

      I bet they drank all the beer, and replaced it with water, it would still work..

      • swingdancer7

        You are right! Beer is good to the last drop!

  • Bob Loring

    What’s with, all, the negative comments ? These guys are STUPENDOUS ! I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything that much. Many kudos, guys ! ! Keep it up ! ! ! 😀

  • tobey

    Gay Gay Gay

  • DusterAz

    i guess there used to sticking black and brown hard things in their mouths

    • jennifer

      you sound like a real asshole

  • Janet Lim Nakaw-Poles

    Looks fake 2 me. I don’t see anyone doing the base melody… they used recording for that?

  • David Lynn Parfitt

    Totally Awesome!! I am a retired Science Teacher and I once played Mary Had a Little Lamb on test tubes for my classes and they loved it and I even got applause. You guys are amazing and really talented!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mare

    GOOD GRIEF!!! Can’t believe that this has almost become a religious discussion!! This is simply music from empty beer bottles! Who cares, or who knows, who drank the beer? Perhaps they poured it down the sink! This is not about the beer! It’s about the music!

  • Richard M. Dorsey

    I’d drink to that, but I don’t drink.

  • Critic

    Love this video,send it to Americas Got Talent

  • fox

    these guys should be on the collage circuit. There quite a few greeks who could practice this.

  • Fanatic Christian

    They are good and very talented, count your blessing that the young are still using a church or else it would convert into a mosque !!! And then forget about church and music. As for this type of critics I say ” Stupid is as stupid does ” end of story ! !

  • Cherie Shipley

    Extreme talent….has nothing to do with beer…great job guys! FYI my biz page is Lake Tahoe Entertainment. Would love to post your act there!

  • refriedbean

    That’s about the same amount of beer it takes me to get creative, as well.

  • Sweetpea50

    Loved it!! Thanks!!

  • mikie

    Beer ain’t booze…… from the film Nebraska

  • Deba

    Once again…Lighten up. Why can’t people keep their mouths shut if they don’t have anything nice to say? If it does not adhere to your beliefs…stop reading and delete.

  • michael r niksic

    That was cool. Nicely done.

  • Reginald Mason

    Most innovative – Who is setting up the BEER BOTTLE MUSIC ACADEMY??

  • stoops

    Reaches the parts of the mind other beers cannot reach.

    Probably the best beer bottle music in the world….

  • Vikki Beuttel

    This is so cool. Very ingenius.

  • penslayer

    looks cute but I don’t believe that sound is really from the bottles

  • Fran

    like it and I think they are very talented and having a great deal of fun.

  • Terri Zamiska Harper

    All I can say is wow, wow, WOW!

  • bouledoux

    These guys should audition for “America’s Got Talent” or in whatever country they may live in, as various countries now have their own versions.

  • C Mott

    VERY GOOD……!!!!!!!!!

  • xscd

    Clever lip synching to synthesized blown-bottle or panflute sounds. Those bottles are too in tune, and one of the guys was first making higher pitched sounds by moving his mouth to the bottles on his right, but later making higher pitched sounds (notes) by blowing on bottles to his left.

    Nice, cute, even though not entirely convincing.

  • Karin Noren

    Now that took a lot of tuneing practive and coordination!!!!

  • Dovewatch

    There’s a complainer in every group 🙂 RELAX! Have a beer! I enjoyed the music, guys. Very creative!

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  • Cracker head

    The church is a PERFECT place for Jackson music…and just think of the beer as “Jesus Juice” both Michael & The church have a Lap-Full of Experience with booze and young boy’s. Match made in heaven – so to speak.

  • Ruth

    In this day and age hard to believe what is real or what is staged HOPE IT IS REAL!

  • Azie-LA

    Fantastic fun, very original and very talented. Bravo 🙂

  • Toothie

    Love it….more please or as my grand-daughter would say…”again”

  • karen

    wow ~~ very interesting for sure!!

  • GrandpopB

    My ten year old grandson is probably more decerning than all of you. His question was, “How did they get all of the same bottles to sound different notes.” I jokingly told him that they sip tuned them. He thought I was serious and said, “No, that wouldn’t work, they’d keep going out of tune as the beer evaporated.” THIS FROM A 10 YEAR OLD!!

  • Mary K

    Wow! Very impressive. That took a lot of practice! Great job!

  • Val


  • williampenn

    That skin bleaching made him whiter than I’d thought.

  • CraigOlsen

    This is fake. If you study it carefully, you will find that several of the notes don’t line up with the correct bottles.

    • Black Strat

      I think so too. Just a little too good to be true.

  • Connie

    Why is there a subliminal message on the screen? Does the president have to advertise everywhere?

  • Xavier Soosainayagam.

    Hai..Great Philosopher and Greatest Theologian Thomas Aquianes said “Whatever God has created..all are very good..but how we limit it…Beer is good provided you do not get drunk..Jesus drank wine..he never got DRUNK…Xavier Sppsai..London.U.K.

  • star

    i want the CD !! Love the sound. Who cares if they drank the beer or not.

  • George Taylor

    Clever, pleasant and shows that the Church is up-to-date. Our vicar in Hertfordshire was first in the pub to order a beer after the Sunday service!

  • Linda

    Lighten up everyone! This was just about making music with something other than a traditional musical instrument! Give them credit where credit is due! they did a great job! It sounded fantastic & not a “sour” note in the entire song! And, they were not “drunk”! Just having a good time enjoying the music! Obviously, you are not music lovers b/c when you truly enjoy music, you really “get into it” by moving around & “having a good time with it”! When I hear good music, I can hardly sit still! I just want to get up and dance! It has nothing at all to do with drinking or anything like that! They just used the beer bottles to make the different levels of water to make the different notes for their music! (As well as their shakers, etc.) YIKES! JUST ENJOY IT!!!

  • Lacey Michelle

    Beer commercial yes. Very talented and a great tribute to Billy Jean Micheal Jackson world wide. Totally love ya’ll

  • callie9115

    Loved it!!!!

  • Marcia

    VERY clever!! I love talent AND recycling!

  • John Poole

    You youngsters can’t remember the “towel going up “as happened quite often during the war, Beer was invented because the water was unsafe to drink not to get stupid on.

  • karen

    I loved it!!! Talented young men with an innovative idea!

    by the way, if all you can do is complain go home and shut up thank you! lolll

  • Cabforward

    Hmmm. Pipe organ in back…someone playing only the flute rows of pipes …the guys are faking it….Nahh that couldn’t have happened….Could it???

  • meftab

    Great! Talented, original and entertaining! Wonder if any of them play flute.

  • Eddie

    Hey these guys with empty bottles making music you actually can understand and know what the song is, beats listening to all the people that can make music with goblets filled with water.

  • Katherine Walker

    Amazing how they remember which bottles to blow into!!! Inexpensive musical “instrument” !

  • Rich

    The sound is a playback. Made in a studio. Who knows what was actually used to make the sounds. Sorry, but there it is

    • billy boy

      you can’t handle the truth .

      • naggingbull

        Nor you!

  • Teri R

    Gee, just sober guys making great music – enjoy!

  • joe howell

    Amazing, these guys are artists, regardless of the setting. Joe howell

  • keynogstan

    If it were Heineken, I would gladly pour it all away for any purpose.

  • Kevin

    These guys give meaning to life.

  • Rich

    I used to have a cheap synth that made those sounds….it was amazingly realistic- breath sound and all. My guess is that’s what they’re up to. Clever alright

  • ladyblue

    what great talent! they looked out side the box, and in the bottle, wow, really enjoyed them.

  • Barbara

    Clever it is not about the drinking it is the sound they created

  • Lucy Adams

    Get real. Enjoy the talent and stop being so judgemental

  • Such talent, I hops they make it to prime time.

  • Beth

    Fabulous! Feels like a sneaky treat since it was free. What’s next?

  • antscowboy

    RIP MJ. Don’t know if you made music from beer bottles, think you preferred Coke. Wherever you may be, your music lives on and we be JAMMING now!

  • Peggy Majoria

    Great – I would definitely enjoy hearing these guys play in the St. Louis Cathedral. I’m a 79 year old grandmother living in New Orleans and really enjoy hearing music of all kinds. I works. At least they are not on the corner begging!!!!

  • Wendy Robertson

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  • keith gould


  • yukon57

    Awesome guys just plain awesome thanks! Drink on.

  • Kodi Michael Paul Lavergne


  • me

    what makes you think they even drank the beer? is it because they are using the beer bottles? Is it because they are young, talented, good looking young men? I have friends that work for breweries and they do have access to empty bottles.. as in never used or even recycled… Maybe they are on a budget and used a church for its acoustics? They could have always used a high school band hall, right. get a grip people…

  • Flint

    Michael would have been proud and created a new foot shuffle, Now I need some ideas what that “shuffle” would be named”

  • Vicky Heeger

    Why keep focusing on the drinking and not on the great music they made?? Could you do that with ANY kind of bottles??? Idiots…

  • AlShoe

    These guys are AWESOME! There’s a lot of rehearsal and practice that went into that. Excellent !!! And it looks like they had fun doing it….

  • EddieE

    I though it was very entertaining.

  • Janice

    Now that was really cool! What talent! Go boys, go!!! I could listen to more songs any day.

  • DAVE

    I think these guys are GREAT!!!!!!~

  • diannejohnson

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  • Seabiscuit


  • Native New Yorker


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  • spazmando

    Looks fake to me

  • Doug Stuber

    Better than the original!

  • boBNunny

    Any chance this is a put-on and done with a synthesizer?

  • NYC

    that was very clever …that being said, …I think that they should’v performed somewhere other than a church…it is rather inappropriate and sacreligious…especially since it was a song by Michael Jackson who wasn’t exactly a pious person. They should have gone to “America’s got Talent” or someplace else and I don’t need to “lighten up” but rather anyone that thinks this is ok in a church…needs to not take God so lightly..

  • boondoggle

    Those boys are talented… great job..keep on drinking..keep on playin..

  • Ruthie

    The acoustics of the chapel? they are in is fabulous..unreal and very much loved by all my friends!! super talented you guys should be on America has Talent!!

  • sooz


  • David M

    I am inspired….I am going out right now for a beer and begin practicing.

  • Keith Kramer

    I wonder if the sound would be better if the empties were $40 bottles of Pinot Noir?

  • gonzalesfpe

    Way Cool!

  • kevun

    I wish I that I had thought of something cool like that to do with beer bottles. and for those of you who don’t like it….. Could YOU do that?

  • Ilikebeer

    “Finished all the beer” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh the horror, the horror…….Oh look, more beer – Crisis Over!!! (Pfshhh) Ahh, beer. 🙂

  • george mcallister

    Did this as a kid,simple,scale of C spit ‘tu’into bottlenose,put(Blue Smirnoff/Hennessy XO),in bottles,adjust to arrange pitch.cardboard box to hide booze? Play scale of C Sharp diminished!! Give up..get depressed,use your imagination and do the next best thing,promise you won’t give a toss after..BTW.why do you clowns have to bring “Jesus”,into this? As far as I know,He only taught peace and love,and made ,and drank wine..no mention of..And Jesus’s went forth and played a concert at at the ,wedding feast of Cana,playing,St John Smith beer bottles? Get a life !!

  • Chris Wrinn

    Fabulous! Very creative!

  • Stephanie O’Leary

    Now that was fun AND Clever! Kudos, Guys!!!

  • Robt William Churchill

    These guys are blow-synching. The actual sound is coming from a synthesizer off camera.

  • michaelp

    I found it amusing. As a musician there is talent here as well

  • silverstreak

    I don’t get why this discussion is about beer drinking and NOT about the talent it takes to do what these guys did? Not only that, in order to get these notes out of a beer bottle, one has to leave considerable beer IN the bottle.

    The people who comment about the beer and not the music, must have drunk considerable beer to comment like they did. (Shaking my head in disbelief).

  • Jerry McNeill

    Those bottles still had beer in them

  • Harry

    One of the coolest videos I’ve seen Congrats.

  • Ralph Terrana

    Out standing! Very creative.

  • Guest

    They were sober, great music. I’d love to hear something else by them. And, by-the-way, if it were milk bottles would everyone assume they drank all the milk – probably not. Then why assume they drank the beer? Really!

  • sarah

    How clever! and creative with this ideas after finishing bottles of beer!

  • mike

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  • Betty Boop

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  • Karin Strop

    Anmelden bei TALENTSHOW in Germany!!! get registered in Germany at the Talentshow!

  • TonyTheToe

    Too much time on their hands but they are good at it.

  • Alvin F Midgette Sr.


  • Judy Katz

    That’s pretty cool!!

  • -Azza-

    Why oh Why do we as humans argue about such petty things, It was cool. (Its like most people LOOK for a chance to disagree with someone or something… sorta uncool) 🙂 <3

  • ifart$

    that was great

  • Alan

    I have a heck of a time tuning my guitar; I wonder how long it took them to get all of those bottles “tuned”….and then to put those pieces together – yeah, those guys were working instead of drinking- lots of talent there.

  • Doc Babbs

    I thought they were great! Creative! Good tone quality, excellent rhythm, authentic rendition of the music, and no one was drunk, throwing up, or wearing togas! Should we not be excited that the once stereotyped, “beer guzzling white males” have found something very positive, entertaining, and non-destructive (to person or property) to do with their empty beer bottles?

  • Kelly Vetter

    You guys are great! Where are you located? And can I hire you?

  • Lawrence Del Toro

    Come on people this is ART! Music made out of trash, waste bottles ,you missed the boat here, I love it! You have percussion pitch (sounds) It’s a perfect example of creativity… Wow…

  • PP

    Only try this when the buzz wears off as you might not like the sound

  • Margaret Mary

    Oh crap, I only drink beer from cans

  • Astntom

    To those who are upset about bringing beer bottles into a church, it says that David brought a lyre into the temple, and lyring is clearly a sin, telling untruths while baring your neighbor’s wife — something like that. My advice: get over it.

  • Jim van Ommen

    Oh you sozzlers, any excuse is better than none. But, I think I have to see it and hear it close up before I believe that one, particularly the high clear notes. As for the Heinekens, that is only for connoisseurs.

  • Gordongal

    Terrific talent!

  • Colin Rumary

    Absolutely marvellous. I look on my empties with a new light now…..

  • Janie

    all these negative comments!! for shame!!lets see you alll with the negative coments come up with something like this!! these guys were great!! end of story!!

  • Mikeonthebike


  • John LaBombard

    Impressive… But did it have to be a Micheal Jackson song?

  • RR

    “Finish” shouldn’t be part of the title. Each bottle needs a certain amount of liquid to achieve the particular note pitch for that bottle. It should be maybe, “What to do before the beer gets warm”, or “Don’t get drunk, get funk”.

  • Atsuko Ohmachi


  • Eileen Barber White

    A lot of you missed the point.

  • jazel

    love laugh and be happy….loved this and I think god does also….

  • mariposa57

    Well done. Good imaginations, too. Thanks for the tune!

  • ramp23

    Billie Fuckin Jean? You just lost any credibility you might (and that’s a stretch) have had.

  • sparksnavy

    Mark–Please stop being so judgmental–did they appear Drunk to you?–Looks like they were having a little fun and “making music”–yes, that is what I call it–is better than all of the “screaming” that goes on sometimes, and calling it music! At least they were not being “destructive” as I have witnessed in the past! sparksnavy

    • sparksnavy

      Also re: my missive earlier–did you count the number of bottles of beer they drank? The total number of bottles they were using as musical instruments–does that mean , to you that is the total number of beers they drank? LOL Get a life and be more creative and constructive!

  • annelynn

    Absolutely awesome!!!!!

  • Sweetpea

    They appear to be in a church…must be Catholic!

    • Bill

      Altar beer?

  • surj

    Just wonderful. What an imagination? Well done

  • jd 12

    bottle Syncing it

  • betsy andersen

    i am very impressed!!!!! of course i liked michael jackson and billie jean

  • Paula Screnci

    So damned clever!

  • dick

    im confused….if all the bottles are the same, why wouldn’t each guy just have one bottle? Why move from one to the other if there not different?ugh

    • snafu

      no wonder your name is dick… It is how much fluid is in each bottle makes different tones.

  • lee

    very creative & talented… Bravo !!

  • Ana

    Feet are tapping and a smile on my face!! Great imagination and great job on the performance!!! hope U guys Go Viral!

  • Roy

    I’m going save all my bottles and start learning…really enjoy the video.

  • Marta Vinsn

    hate the way beer looks, tastes, and smells………LOVE THIS VIDEO

  • Gina Summers

    I”ll drink to that! Too funny.

  • Beaky

    Shut hot, that is talent!!!!

  • JAN

    O.K. GIRLFRIENDS — all of us that have no talent ??? maybe??we could do this??Of course we would have to ”find” those beer bottles first!ha

  • Cheri

    Love these guys!! Do they have a CD out yet? And when are they going on one of the late nite shows? They ROCK and Michael Jackson would be so proud to hear his music on beer bottles!!

  • Robb

    Awesome!! These guys rock! Talent galore.


    Gentlemen……why assume only 1 person drank all the beer? AND HEY!!! DID YOU NOT HEAR ALL THE FABULOUS MUSIC? FABULOUS.

  • Tania

    This is fantastic, seriously talented guys

  • Anthony Soprano

    Beer in Church??? Yikes

    • snafu

      Why should wine be allowed then ? why not the piss of Christ ! beer ! .

  • Robert



    That was fantastic. Create some more!

  • Chuck

    It’s all really cool stuff and I like the sounds. These guys are remarkable and I know because I’m 73 yo.

  • bubbles


  • Dana

    Now that was something to see.

  • RMcGr

    Cool, creative talent!

  • francesca9

    this is great!

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    talented bunch

  • Tom G

    Awesome. I have already watched it five times!!T

  • Lee

    These talented guys must have trained hard to produce such entertaining music! Good on you!! Keep up your Talents!!

  • Guest

    I cannot believe how these talented men making music with beer bottles turned into discussions on drinking and religion! Personally, I enjoyed the music… and I don’t give a rat’s bottom if the bottles had beer still in them or if they contained water, or whether they were in a church or not! Everything in life does not have to be controversial, just enjoy it!

  • Guest

    I cannot believe how these talented men making music with beer bottles turned into discussions on drinking and religion! Personally, I enjoyed the music… and I don’t give a rat’s ass if the bottles had beer still in them or if they contained water, or whether they were in a church or not! Everything in life doesn’t have to be controversial, just enjoy it!

  • BottleGroupie

    Amazing guys! Very creative!

  • Jan

    The empty bottles would all have the same tone…..This is nothing but an act to the background music.

    • Morvin1

      Who said the bottles were empty?

  • mandy

    When will you all realise, there is no actual thing as God or heaven – it’s all in the mind. Bet you don’t print this one!

    • Paul T.

      Just because YOU say does not make it so.

  • Bob Tucker

    lol good job

  • Okwaho1

    Crazy shit man!

  • OladyJan

    What creativity! What talent! What fun!!!! Thanks fellers!!!!

  • Will Hacon


  • Dado

    Build a bridge and get over it Mark

  • flip

    Are you people kidding that feel that there’s anything negative about this? Very talented and loved the tune.

  • Linda Dix

    They are so clever, how did they discover they could get a tune like that out of beer bottles. Would have taken lots of practice.

  • mainmast3rd@yahoo.com

    Sheesh. why the hell and when did ‘church’ get into this pretty good post. talk about petty. i’ll say it again. get rid of religion and false god’s and our world would be a wonderful place to live in. b-bye….forever…LOL

  • Catherine Holtz


  • You guys are fantastic. Love it!

  • Kim Sullo Hallock

    cool!!! Great Job!!!

  • Michael Seychell

    Imagine you and Mary doing that on the the Rocks.

  • Tramcar Trev

    WOW!!!!! Occasinally I can play a Hyden Horn concerto on a length of plastic conduit and I’m allways in strife for making train whistle sounds with bottles in restraunts but these guys are clever. try it yourself instead of whinging

  • FredZiffel

    How about In-A-Gada-Da-Vida?

    • JoiseyJ

      The long version, I assume.

      • FredZiffel

        Of course, the entire album side!!

  • Rebecca S.

    What fun !

  • Ken Smith

    I am a little suspicious of the pipe organ in the background.

  • Ancient Ales

    They are extremely tallented. I do not believe they could have written or performed such a terrific tune if they had been drunk!

  • Lee Lewis

    That was amazingly cool.

  • Mar


  • Rita Wright

    Amazing, such talent.

  • Phoenix

    Foarte frumos,felicitări trupei.Bine gândit in catedrala,in spatele vostru este si o orgă.Încă odată felicitări,cred ca Gheorghe Zamfir ar fi invidios pe voi.Tot așa băieți sa o tineți .

  • pascale

    Il faut d’abord vider les bouteilles ! C’est ça le plus top !

  • JC

    Are yoall sad, this is Ducking Brilliant, lol.

  • David Cartwright

    Don’t care what any of the numbskulls amongst you think, but that application of bottles to make innocent music is simply ingenious. Those who “dis” it are obviously devoid of any talent and insanely jealous!!

  • Nyck

    First drink the beer. Then play the bottles! What a wonderful way to save the environment by recycling!!!

  • gem39

    OMG…I LOVE this! I want to make a band playing all the different beers we love to drink! Aren’t they clever in tuning their bottles!! Beautiful music to boot.

  • Jay Reidy

    Americas got talent!

  • Peoriaboy

    That is dynamic.

  • Herbey1104

    great Music with empty Beer Bottles hahaha…….

  • Marie Bergeron

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    If drinking beer and then utilizing the containers showing their taste in the chosen music to recreate……… is fantastic. Enjoying the beer itself and then switch to an excellent choice of music for the encore I find well worth getting involved. My taste for the beer is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I only wish that I had the musical expertise that these young gentlemen have. To hell with all the negative responsive notes posted hear. They would not know a good relaxing thing if it hit them in the face. ….. Carry on Michael and enjoy yourself. Old Bill said that.


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