Apple to developers: “Apps we can’t live without”


“I think a developer would look like a geek – nerdy, plaid, unshaven, glasses, spiky hair beard…

Another typically well done video from Apple. This is the same video that played at the 2014 WWDC Keynote yesterday.

  • lucascott

    On it’s own I think it’s too long and rather boring. But at the keynote it really set the tone that this was the opening of the DEVELOPERS conference.

    From the moment I saw that video I knew it was 99.9% certain we would hear nothing about hardware of any kind. And I was pleased as punch with how they added a section of stuff just for developers.

    Now give me that 3rd Plants v Zombies and remakes of Myst/Riven and those old Kings Quest games. Not to mention some Mario Brothers. Lol