Apple has (partly) lifted the NDA for beta releases

Ole Begemann:

With the release of the beta versions of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014 yesterday, Apple has also updated the legal agreements for registered iOS and Mac developers. I am not a lawyer, but if I am reading this correctly, it means that beta version of the operating systems and SDKs are still under NDA, but Apple allows developers to discuss new APIs and features that have been introduced at WWDC in public. That should cover pretty much all the new stuff in iOS 8, Yosemite and the Developer Tools.

Apple has always had very restrictive NDAs (I’ve signed some Apple NDAs that say I can’t even say I’ve signed an NDA with them!) but they have historically ignored all the sites, rumour and otherwise, who have “broken” NDAs for the developer program. Good to see them loosening the reins a little bit to reflect reality.