Rumors of Apple introducing new iMac, iPhone 5s at WWDC

From AppleInsider:

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference coming up next week, pundits are speculating on hardware the company may introduce in its first major media gathering of the year. One well-informed analyst believes the stars of the show will be a cheaper iMac and maybe an 8GB iPhone 5s.


  • vwerneck

    The famous Nope.

  • Anuj Tandon

    What about a new Apple TV?

  • I’m hoping we see another plastic model of iPhone. I’m a bit annoyed that I bought an iPhone 5 the year before the 5c came out. Though I’ve touched the 5S a few times (and Apple’s improved the edges) I still like the 3GS body the best.

    • Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not… :/

      • Not. Sharp metal edges on a surface you’re supposed to hold suck. And the iPhone 5 isn’t very resistant to scratches. The 3GS shell was a better experience day to day.

    • i agree — the 3GS body felt much more organic in-hand to me. i liked gripping it and it was natural. theres a reason guns and other tools use rounded grips. the 4/5 design is great to look at on a table, but holding it involves an almost unconscious effort to hold it correctly.

      • Charlie Shi

        You just haven’t found the right case yet.

        • Casses really do help, but physically they’re going to have to wrap around a bit unless they’re glued on. And I’d rather have just the screen on the front.

    • Scott Nellé

      I’m with you. The 3G/3Gs body was very comfortable in hand. And I’m sick of having a rectangular outline worn into my pants by the newer models.

      • Yeah, I actually got bruises on my fingers from trying to play landscape tilt games on the iPhone 5 for a half hour.

  • Thank you Jim, long time coming… Too many rumours and hardly any substance. Your information has been the most trustworthy of all that I have followed

    • Will Lambert

      Hardly any substance? The new model references slipped out in OS X 10.9.4 beta. Meaning they’re likely to be launched before OS X 10.10, which is going to be introduced at WWDC and available in the fall. I’ll tell you what has no substance. “Nope” has no substance. They may not launch them at WWDC but there’s definitely enough substance to believe the launch is imminent.

      • Sigivald

        Our host didn’t Nope a “new iMac sometime soon”, though.

        He Noped a cheaper iMac at WWDC.

        iMac refresh? Very likely, given the 10.9.4 model news.

  • Ken hamilton

    That “Nope” makes me happy.

  • Wouldn’t an 8GB iPhone5s canibalize the 5c market anyway? That said, has anyone bought a 5c? I’ve never seen one in the wild.

    • bananagonuts

      It outsold every phone except for the iPhone 5S – something in the realm of 12-13 million units, significantly more than the Galaxy S5. How could you ask such a stupid question?

      • lol, calm down.

        • I for one would like an answer. Are you unaware of facts, trolling, or stupid?

        • agreed, fair answer — as a reader on this site you should be at least casually aware of the data. the 5c is among the top-three selling handsets at the US carrier stores.

      • drale2k

        Haha u mad bro?

        • Your question begs the question: Are you really a moron or just pretending?

          • sad to say, but all the mac sites are being infested w/ d-bags these days. MacRumors is the worst, and it seems the mouth-breathers have finally discovered The Loop.

          • mjs916

            So the guy that inferred that others are “stupid” or that one is a “moron” for using an outdated internet joke, is not a “d-bag” as well? Also, why are you on Steven Fisher’s coattails so hard anyways? You both ripped apart one person for saying he hasn’t seen anyone with an iPhone 5C in the wild. I’ve seen about 2 myself. So do either of you have a 5C? I don’t think Craig Stump was meaning to be rude about it. Your responses show who the real “d-bags” are. Back on topic, no, I have not purchased a 5C. It will not cannibalize the sales of the other device as the iPhone is no longer a “one size fits all” product. People now have choice. And even if a cheaper 5S did cause less sales of the 5C, Apple would still make more money off of each 5C since it cost them less to make it. The 5C isn’t just plastic and colorful to be cheaper for consumers (they would just continue shifting last year’s model to that price point), but it is to increase profit margin on each device for Apple.

          • No. I’ve mocked an “r u mad bro” and a “lol calm down.” This should be an interesting conversation, not a collection of barely literate cliches.

          • mjs916

            I thought you were referring to the comment prior to “lol calm down”. Which stated “That said, has anyone bought a 5c? I’ve never seen one in the wild.”…to which you and the prior commenter responded with inferences of stupidity for not known sales facts that are apparently common knowledge around here. You gave them an out with “unaware of facts” as an option, but the question you stated you wanted an answer to was “How could you ask such a stupid question”?”. That’s why I said you guys are being the d-bags by attacking someone for simply being ignorant of sales facts. I didn’t know that info. And to your “”Please, if you have something interesting, say it! I think we all know that the margins are better on the 5C…” I was not providing that info to be Captain Obvious, I was explaining to Craig Stump why his thoughts on the matter may or may not make economic sense to Apple. I was trying to help him/her understand. That was not for your benefit or chagrin so it didn’t require a response on your part telling me how much you already know.

          • It’s cool. The threading isn’t clear here, but if you hold a straight edge while scrolling you’ll be able to see who I was replying to. 🙂

          • mjs916

            …and if in fact Craig Stump IS a troll, then Craig Stump, ya got me.

          • IrwinLinker

            I actually am kinda mad, but drake didn’t have the common courtesy to even ask about me. Thanks for hogging the spotlight Steven!

      • Sigivald

        To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen one either.

        Which is odd; they are selling. Why aren’t I seeing any of ’em?

        I’d love to know the distribution and demographics of the 5C market.

        • Honestly, I don’t think they stand out much unless they’re the bright colours. And even then, they just look like some other phone in a case.

          The few times I’ve been sure I’ve seen them, it’s because I’ve been close and had an extended amount of time to look.

          • mjs916

            Creepin’ on girls again at the pub ‘eh? Seriously though, I have spotted more HTC One’ out in public. But then again, the White 5C is especially hard to tell apart from any other iPhone 5 if in a case.

          • Not so much. Who can afford pubs? 🙂 Across the aisle going downtown on transit.

            I’ve spotted a couple pink 5Cs, a yellow 5C (which looked NICE; that’d be my pick!), a blue and many whites. The whites were the hard ones to figure out. In fact, when I spotted that one on transit I looked around and saw several more phones that looked like they were 5Cs, but I didn’t have a good enough view.

            I suspect I’ve probably seen many of them but just rarely recognize them. They look like every other phone, including the 3GS!

          • mjs916

            I haven’t had that beer yet but I am sorry for calling names. We’re just talking tech anyways. But if anyone brings my mom into this conversation…It’s ON!

    • nutmac

      I’ve seen lots of iPhone 5cs in the wild and know many that owns it.

      Aside from the design, you have to realize that many folks don’t really see appreciable differences between 5c and 5s. While $100 isn’t enough for me to choose a phone with lesser spec personally, once 5c’s price drops by another $100 when iPhone 6 is unveiled, I think it will see more takers, especially from teenagers.

    • johndhynes

      It can be hard to tell when they’re in a case, sometimes a 5 in a colored case looks like a 5c, but I saw a 5c a few days ago in an Apple case with the holes, so I knew for sure it was one.

  • rogifan

    Does this “nope” cover any iMac or just cheaper iMacs? Could Apple announce a retina iMac at WWDC? Mark Gurman claims Apple has been testing them since 2011.

  • Uncharted Territory

    Hello Jim. Do you remember all of those fantastical predictions I’d made a decade ago? (uHem – DIFUSI)

    Seems as though Apple is desiring the Home Gateway approach after all….. Smart. Next, I see Apple following the GE trail and moving into Medical, Appliance, Innovation financing and spinning off companies like the old Frog design/ SkunkWorks teams of the 80s.

    iBacon or Beacon is an obvious choice. Media conglomerate and advertising control is more accurate when you look at the beats acquisition. The upswing to product marketeers in 7’11s worldwide is mind boggling…… Instead of putting screens in Walmart, Apple will utilize the screen in your pocket (iPhone) to sell you everything on the shelf with discounts and coupons to your hearts content.

    If you are an advert driven publication, I would be very very afraid.

  • Sigivald

    I bow to your track record/connections, Jim.

    I’d agree even without that, on the 8GB 5S (what on Earth would the point of that be?).

    A slightly-cheaper iMac, well… that actually makes a little sense. That one’s plausible, and probably would do some good.

  • BongBong

    LOL. As usual, the “analysts” are dead wrong.

    • mjs916

      It’s a common misconception that the people cited in these articles are “analysts”. The correct title is “anal-ists”, deriving from the location from which they pull their information out of.

  • IrwinLinker

    Echoing Sigivald, the iMac rumor referred specifically to a cheaper iMac, and I’m fine with that being nope’d. That being said, the present iMac lineup is, at the very least, due for a spec bump. Still no TB2 for the iMac seven months after it debuted on the MBP.