App updates no longer available when app is cancelled or refunded

Used to be you could ask for a refund on an iOS or Mac app and still get updates for that app. This policy has changed. Sounds logical to me.

  • I’ve asked for a refund on one app in the past, I have no issues with this policy change. I was surprised in the past to have seen updates available for the app I got refunded on. When I was issued a refund, the app should have given me X number of days before it was removed from my devices (so I could move data out if I needed to).

    If buying a car was the same way, I’d buy a car, say I wanted a refund and get to keep driving it, but don’t get any of the scheduled maintenance. Take the app away from those who get a refund.

  • Seems reasonable.

  • Pretty surprising that it wasn’t this way to being with. Can you repurchase the app after a refund (say compatibility with your device was fixed)?

  • Zepfhyr

    This makes sense to me, as well. Unfortunately, it’s caused me to end up in some sort of limbo state where an app I never asked for a refund on was refunded (or at least marked as such in Apple’s database) and no one ever told me about it (I don’t have any correspondence requesting a refund or letting me know that one was approved).

    Now I can’t get updates for it OR “repurchase” it (which is what the Apple support people keep telling me to do, which leads to an error telling me that I can’t update the app because it’s been refunded or canceled).