Apple adds two stories to their “Your Verse” site

What’s your verse? How do you use Apple devices to improve your life, tell your story?

In the latest update to this campaign, Apple adds two pages to their “your verse” site, one focused on classical composer Esa-Pekka Salonen and the second on traveling writer Chérie King.

Fascinating stories, beautifully told. [Via 9to5mac]

  • John V.

    Those are starting to look like one of those ads:

    “I’m a busy professional and a caring mom, and my shirt has to always be pure white. This is why I use Pure White, the washing detergent that never fails me.”

    Cue in a shot with a happy boss, and kids saying “I love you mommy!”

    My point being: the thing being sold here isn’t the product, but rather that if you buy the product, you can be like the happy successful person from the ad.

    And as such, no matter how elegant and sophisticated those ads are, and even though they’re “based on a true story”, they remain marketing by creating false associations.

    None of the depicted activities require an iPad. They’re not even significantly enhanced by an iPad. An iPad just happens to be in the picture.

    • But, this is exactly what advertising is all about… you can agree or not but this is marketing in action.

    • Considering the constant haranguing by bloggers about how evil Apple is, and how the iPad’s a toy and has nothing to do with anything useful in the world, this is Apple’s only real way to call them out.

      As a journalist, I’ve always have antipathy for the way marketing people have operated. But I have to give Apple credit for actually taking the pedantic crap out of marketing and making it seemingly real and heart-felt.