Team changes two car tires, while the car is moving

Is this insane? Yes. Yes it is.

  • Dopes don’t realize rotating tires should alternate sides. Now that would be a challenge!

  • John V.

    Dave I can see you didn’t bother watching the video to actually see no tires were changed, just removed and put back.

    Honestly this effort being pointless mixed with equal parts absurd hits me as hilarious, instead of impressive. I’m sure they got a lot of ghetto brag out of it though.

    • Christ. Tire off, tire on – just happened to be the same tire. Had they swapped with each other would you stop being a pasty hater behind a monitor?

      Had you and your friends tried this you’d be a corpse right now.

      • John V.

        I apologize that I’m not impressed at people doing random stupid shit, just because they managed not to die.

        If you want to see danger, you can find plenty of people putting their lives at risk every day doing their “normal” jobs, to bring us the infrastructure, services and security we take for granted.

        If I’d spend a second admiring people putting themselves in danger, I’d rather it be for those people, and not for some bunch of assholes doing the car version of Jackass.

        • PDX

          …and yet you chose to to watch the whole thing so you could bitch about it, unless realizing by the title that you wouldn’t be impressed by it. Sounds like you sat through Jackass, too. Well done.

        • Allen He

          John, this is not about safety. it’s about mindset limit and normalcy bias.

  • fl4nel

    changing tires

    you’re doing it wrong

  • The video I can take. The ear-drill soundtrack? Not so much…

  • Joe

    I’m most impressed by the driver who kept that vehicle balanced while they were moving all over it like that…

    • grundoon

      Had the lug nuts actually been normal-tight and requiring a bit of sharply directed brute force, even that aspect would’ve been more impressive.

  • Sleepcountry

    What I don’t understand is, shouldn’t at least one of the tires be rotating, unless they were coasting in neutral the whole time?

    • Master of Thumbs

      The AWD differential keeps those 2 wheels from turning because they had no traction.

  • They should wear bicycle helmets at least. (Next thing you know, someone’s going to say, “If they wore helmets, the chances of having an accident would actually increase, thereby making it more dangerous to wear helmets than not.”)

  • Douglas

    I hope they remembered to put their seat belts back on.

  • SPQR

    Better soundtrack would have been Pharrell’s “Happy.”