Why you must watch the Monaco Grand Prix


On Sunday, Formula One fans will plunk themselves in front of their TVs to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. If you’re not planning on doing the same, you should be.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the greatest race in all of motorsport. It has everything: yachts, champagne, supermodels, royalty, parties, not to mention one of the world’s most historic racetracks that’s built to generate exciting moments.

Here’s why you should be watching when the green flag drops on Sunday at 7:30 AM EST.

I will respectfully disagree with my friend, Jordan Golson of Wired, when he says Monaco is the “greatest” race but it is fun to watch – especially as a companion race to Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.

  • brisance

    “Greatest race”? It’s a veritable snooze-fest! Narrow streets means very little over-taking. If you want excitement watch Spa or, even better, MotoGP.

  • Igor

    The greatest race, or most prestigious, would be the 24 Hours of LeMans.

  • js200022

    I really like NASCAR. It’s not boring.

  • scottman22

    Sorry, Shawn. Indy is boring. Having been there I found it as boring as NASCAR. I would put LeMans and F1 far above Indy. However, the best racing is Rally. The tracks aren’t man-made nor groomed and they change with the passing of each racer.

    • No need to be sorry. You like what you like. I like what I like. Oh look! The world didn’t end because two people disagreed! 🙂

  • I’m a big F1 fan but Monaco is a complete anachronism. The drivers like it because it’s a challenge, and rich people like it because they get to show the mouth breathers of the world how grotesquely wealthy they are. For an actual motorsport fan it’s as dull as fuck, and as soon as we get over the undeserved sentimental attachment to the place, the sooner we’ll have room on the calendar for a more modern track with the chance to actually overtake.