Amazon behaving badly

Amazon, under fire in much of the literary community for energetically discouraging customers from buying books from the publisher Hachette, has abruptly escalated the battle.

The retailer began refusing orders late Thursday for coming Hachette books, including J.K. Rowling’s new novel. The paperback edition of Brad Stone’s “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” — a book Amazon disliked so much it denounced it — is suddenly listed as “unavailable.”

  • dreyfus2

    Good that US courts sided with lowest prices and censorship over freedom of expression and choice. /s

  • Moeskido


  • Herding_sheep

    Apple is the only company that behaves badly, you should know this by now. When Apple topples a monopoly and enables multiple competitors to enter the market as well, they get hit with an antitrust suit. Meanwhile, the monopolist continues to behaves like a monopolist and doesn’t even hide it.

    Logic doesn’t seem to work in this country anymore. Too much blind faith and strict interpretations of tradition, instead of using your head and looking at things more rationally.

    • Moeskido

      Actually, it’s more about the power of unrestricted lobbyists overturning those traditions that actually used to work well. Amazon is probably more popular in Washington because it spreads more money around.

  • BC2009

    Bezos has been acting anti-competitively for years now and the DoJ has let him get away with it. Not only that, the DoJ has acted like they are on his payroll. Ignoring Amazon’s predatory pricing while going after Apple for price fixing (which I still don’t believe they are guilty of even though the publishers were guilty).

    It is time to boycott Amazon. There are plenty of alternatives out there. iBookstore, Google Books, Barnes & Noble. For other merchandise you can always find stuff at,,, and B&H Photo.

    Also, you should check out Amazon’s biggest international competitor: They are in the process of creating a new brand/marketplace targeted at North America. Though Alibaba may be trading one evil for another given their size.

    • Billy Razzle

      Everyone should try shopping local for six months. That would have a huge impact on these corporations that run our government.

  • Honestly, anyone who is shocked by this is a certified idiot and qualified to run for Congress.

    • lucascott

      Or be a DOJ judge