Samsung Music closing down

Who fucking knew there was such a thing.

  • DanPierce

    What will the tens of people who bought music on that store do?

  • It was full of S-Hits!

  • I never heard of Samedung Moo-sick.

  • Winski

    You’re assuming someone actually CARED ??

  • Gerard J

    Samsung sent out an email about that. I do mean AN email… to the one person who used the service.

  • My first thought when I saw this was “YES” until they said they’re working on a replacement then it went to “NOOOOOOO!!”

    • John V.

      Please enlighten me, why would Samsung providing music to their customers make you go “NOOOOOOOO!!”.

      I’m just curious of the psychology of this reaction.

      • James Hughes

        It received horrible reviews and was never widely adopted. Not only because of the reviews but because it was in fact horribly implemented. Considering all the alternatives, this one was hardly competitive. Look up some reviews about Samsung Music Hub. Who’s to think that a replacement would be any better. I mean it could be but.. eh I doubt it.

      • 1) Creates confusion to people getting new S devices. “Do I use Google or S Music?” and S Music is a worse service by far. 2) The majority of the S apps do #1 and are inferior to Google offerings.

        I thought they were finally going to quit trying to replicate all of Google services and improve their core offering but they will stay as unfocused as they usually are.

  • anthony f. waller

    Remember when they spent all that money to give away Jay Z’s album? yeah.

  • John V.

    I am frankly shocked that The Loop, this sacred symbol of tech journalism objectivism, wouldn’t bother to research the content offerings by Apple’s biggest competitor.

    Oh, wait, what was I thinking. Being ignorant of anything non-Apple is cool ’round these places.

    • dont like it? dont read it. even better, dont comment on it.

    • James Hughes

      No, no.. please comment, go ahead It just shows you have no clue as to what you are replying to. You don’t get Jim’s point?

  • dreyfus2

    Does not matter. The Sung remains the Sam.