Foursquare Mayorship is dead

Om Malik:

It is irrational and it is crazy, but I am indeed that “guy” who lately has been fighting for the mayorship with that “girl” for the mayorship of that “coffee shop.” It is one of the primary reasons why I keep Foursquare app on the first screen of my iPhone.

I never understood this.

  • I never understood why nominal grownups care like Om seems to.

  • davebarnes

    Yelp has the same idea. It is fun.

  • Bill G

    You don’t understand a competition for no reason? It’s just like you and Samsung. Don’t be stupid Jim.

  • rb763

    Who wouldn’t want to be mayor of a mob?

  • Hey admins at The Loop, I posted the following comment in this thread after reading the article. The comment was:

    “Wow, what’s left? I didn’t even understand why I was checking in, in the first place.”

    …and it was marked as spam.

    What is your problem exactly? Honest mistake, or you don’t like me?

    • I can’t check (I don’t have that “power”) but can’t anyone mark any post as spam just by “flagging” it? It doesn’t mean that anyone at The Loop simply marked your comment as spam.

      • I’m going to chalk this up to something like that. If it happens often enough, I figure, someone else will alert The Loop too. If it happens to me again, though, I just won’t bother commenting anymore.

        • John V.

          Aww. Here, mark this comment as spam. It’ll make you feel better.

  • lucascott

    Gamification. Encouraging repeat visits via a bragging rights reward