Facebook launches Shazam-like feature

The latest version of Facebook for iOS and Android automatically recognizes the song you’re listening to or TV show you’re watching and adds it to your status. The Shazam-like feature is called “audio recognition,” and starts listening as soon as you start typing a new status.

I wonder what this will do to Shazam. Facebook has a lot of users that will use the new feature by default.

  • José Oliveira

    Maybe that’s the all reason of why they’re joining forces with Apple, and essentially turning their app into a built-in feature for future iOS releases?

  • websnap

    I think it will still hold a place for those looking to tag/query an unknown song rather than share that you are listening to it. I’d be more concerned if it was in the OS – the sharing (what you are currently playing) feature should have been in iTunes/music app as soon as FB/twitter implementation was added to iOS. Day One.

  • Pretty soon your newsfeed will say “Posted from the upstairs john.”

  • Google Now replaced Shazam for me a long time ago.

    Does Siri not have song recognition? If not, when it does you can consider Shazam toast; unless Siri uses Shazam.

  • richardmac

    All I can think of is “Currently Watching The Best of Ron Jeremy.” Not sure that’s a good feature…