An iPad case kickstarter I can really get behind

I really like the concept behind this iPad case. At first blush, it seems like a knockoff of Apple’s iPad cases. But no, not at all.

The Ergo Book has a big strap that is hidden away until you need it, and your iPad can rotate in the case so you can view or stand it in portrait or landscape mode.

I’m in! Looks like these will be shipping in September. [Via TUAW]

  • GadgetGav

    It’s a Kickstarter… it’ll ship late. That timeline may have been “quoted and verified by our manufacturing partners” but that’s because that’s what the customer wanted to hear. There will be delays in modifying tooling and mass production go ahead to first product shipment is going to take more than two weeks. By all means back it. It looks like a nice solution to the iPad case problem, but endorsing it with “I’m in! Looks like these will be shipping in September” is a bit of a stretch.

  • John V.

    Tell me if it isn’t at least a bit sad to see a company like Kickstarter, full of so much promise about developing truly meaningful products, evolve into a company churning one iCase after another.

    It’s not sad for Kickstarter as much, it’s sad about us in general.

    • eh. there are plenty of other successes — like my local pizzeria, the best New Orleans has ever had. or games by my favorite indy studios.

      if you hang out on apple device sites, then youll see a lot of apple devices.

    • EVula

      You either have no idea what Kickstarter actually is (they aren’t the ones developing any of the products), or you don’t actually explore the site. The Film & Video category has 35,000 projects in it, Games has about 10,000, Music has 29,000, and Publishing has 17,000. The idea that Kickstarter is only churning out iCase after iCase is exceedingly inaccurate.

  • odd that the goal was only $5,000. when i looked at KS they stressed not to set a goal to just get “some money” but rather all that was needed to do the product to completion… no way it only costs $5k to produce a case, right?

    • EVula

      The company behind the case already exists (with several other projects), so they probably already have material providers and relationships with manufacturers; with the start-up Kickstarters I’ve participated in, cultivating both always seems to take a huge chunk of time and money.

      (though yes, it likely does require more than just $5k; I’d guess they are just using this to help offset some of the costs, rather than truly needing the money to bring the product to market, and subsequently set the level lower to build some easy buzz)

  • Brian Mauter

    Thanks Dave. I’m in too. Finally what looks like a decent case.

  • Moeskido

    Looks smart. My next iPad will probably benefit from one of these.

  • George M.

    This seems more like a pre-order mechanism than someone needing funding to get a project off the ground. Nice looking case.