Samsung lies about taking over Heathrow

Yesterday Samsung announced that they’d be kicking off a “revolutionary” campaign that would involve them “taking over signage, wayfinding, website, and every digital screen” at Heathrow’s incredibly busy Terminal 5 and “rebranding” it as “Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5”. iMore has since been informed that Samsung’s “take over” is actually a far more reasonable, more standard form of advertising.

Samsung lied? Shocking.

  • alj_disc

    So they purposely lied in an official document at destination to investors ?

    That could be seriously hot legal waters, especially with UK where there is laws about truth in advertisement and communications. PR documents are sensible material which is always vetted, this is not an off-record remark that leaked.

  • dreyfus2

    Well, signage and wayfinding in airports is an area that is highly critical; they not just convenience items, they are instrumental for efficiency and safety (and in most modern airports also integrated with emergency systems). The very idea that these operational systems would ever be controlled by an advertiser were completely unrealistic in the first place. No airport would ever allow that.

    This is not really a big concern for investors, the announcement of a marketing event is not really a forward-looking statement promising any results. The bigger image problem here is with the airport – and if I were in charge of it, I would be royally pissed. The very idea that an airport would act in such an irresponsible manner is not at all adding to its reputation. They now try damage control by saying Samsung was “tongue-in-cheek” here. That, of course, is a pretty lame defense.