Google acquires Word Lens, the iPhone translation app from Apple’s Powerful ad

About a minute into Apple’s recent Powerful ad, there’s a shot of two bikers who come up to a sign, in Spanish, that reads “estrada desmoronada”. They hold up their iPhone and the sign is helpfully translated to read “road collapsed”.

That’s Word Lens at work. Google just bought ’em.

  • Lalo

    “Estrada desmoronada” is portuguese not spanish.

  • Moeskido

    Looking forward to the new version that translates Eric Schmidt’s gaffes.

    • Would take much more than 1 camera for that. 🙂

      • Moeskido


  • willo

    One of the best apps. A feature that would be incredibly cool integrated into the IOS camera app. SlowMo,Video,Photo,Translate,effect.

    Translate would then automatically detect the language being shown, and translate to your IOS devices language. Simple as that.

    I´m sure Android will make this happen though 🙁

  • Can’t wait for this integration to happen!

  • Moeskido

    “But is it good for the Jews?”

  • crateish


  • Slurpy2k11

    I’ve tried wordlens on many occasions. Cool concept, but it only really works under very specific, ideal conditions, most of which the real world wont adhere to. I havent heard a blip about this app since it launched ages ago, and it seems the developers lost interest in it too, as it still uses an ugly, ancient interface that they didnt bother updating. I can see Apple easily developing something like this in-house if they really wanted to.