Pioneer demos its CarPlay interface

My next vehicle will definitely have CarPlay.

  • That’s a terrible-looking console. Have they not hired any new designers in 15 years?

    • Yehat

      This is an aftermarket double-din standard console. I guess it must be as neutral looking as possible so that will not look alien in almost any car.

      • Yeah, but those buttons!? Eesh. That was cool for a 6-disc CD player, not for a modern product.

  • The White Tiger

    I’ve mulled a NEX system just for CarPlay, but I dislike that only the top model has a capacitive screen. I don’t think CarPlay really needs it since some auto makers are still using resistive screens for their built-in systems, but man. Resistive should not still be around for this type of product.

    • Pioneer posted on their FB that the next model of its low-end AppRadio will support carplay. $400+ rather than the $700+ of their higher end.

  • Terry Maraccini

    Looks like a Pioneer product. Sold hi-fi in the old days. Put myself through college on the commissions from SX-780 and PL-12 combo. But, they made crap. Still looks the same today. But, CarPlay is nifty.

  • Peter Parker

    I wish I could afford to upgrade my head unit, or get a new car with CarPlay, but I can’t.

    I’m mainly interested in being able to listen to music and podcasts from my iPhone in the car and I found an app that is a pretty good alternative.

    The developer states on the App Store page that he designed it with in-car use in mind, so you can quickly start playing an album, and easily control playback without even having to look at the screen, unlike the standard music app which has small buttons that are hard to press accurately when your phone is mounted in a dock at arm’s length. It gets regular updates, and one feature I particularly like is that I can listen to podcasts and music within the one app.

    Oh, it’s called Harken For iPhone.

    He’s also got an iPad version.