Bentley’s new ad shot on an iPhone 5s, assembled on an iPad Air

The ad, called Intelligent Details, is really nice. At the end they show a behind-the-scenes of how it was shot and put together.

  • Ryan Simmons

    How it was ‘shit’? Ha!

  • Leo

    Just a matter of time until ALL visual productions, including hollywood films, will be shot and edited.

    • lucascott

      I wouldn’t say all. But certainly it is pushing that you don’t need all the big toys. Which opens up more Indie production. Right how that seems to be the only truly creative (ie not a remake, reboot etc) production

  • Super wows

  • JDSoCal

    Weird marketing a car where both designers ride in the backseat in the ad.

    • Billy Razzle

      You don’t drive a Mulsanne unless you’re the chauffeur.

      • JDSoCal

        Me’h, I’d vomit from motion sickness back there.

        • Billy Razzle

          Well, if you can afford one certainly you can drive it if you want to.

  • Billy Razzle

    I love the way Bentleys look. So awesome.

  • John V.


    • The keyboard feels more in the way than helpful.
    • Download apps on every iPad one by one feels more like a chore than just plugging in your iPad in there. The iPad you have configured for yourself.


    • Everyone will know you’re rich, cause you have 5 iPads in a dumb keyboard case attached to a seat.
  • Watching the guy hunt and peck at the keyboard was painful.

    • i thought something similar. “Where’s the ‘I’ key…”

  • NixonLvr

    It may have been shot on an iPhone 5S, but it helps when you’re using a $5000 Movi camera stabilizer.

    • eh, not really the point. the point is the sensor and processing on a freaking cellphone is powerful enough to produce a big budget shoot on. that is mind-blowing.

      • NixonLvr

        I agree completely, the fact that millions of people have this capability in their pocket is astounding.

        But a lot of people don’t realize that production value comes much more from lighting and handling the camera than it does from the camera sensor.

        I’d like to see this done with minimal equipment, tripod as most, to see what kind of results you or I could achieve without spending thousands of dollars on additional equipment

  • Below$600AShareIsPathetic!}:-(

    I’m always hearing the news media and bloggers say how you can’t create content on an iPad. They always say you can only consume content on an iPad. I guess this only proves how idiots don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  • andrew

    Does anyone have a link to the lenses and gear they used ?

  • Costa K

    Is anyone doing anything this creative with a Samsung? Or a HTC? Or Nokia? Or Motorola? Or Huawei?

    What on earth are people using those phones for? Not browsing the web. Not buying products. And not creating anything.

    Keep up the good work Apple.

  • Sam Doohickey

    It’s somewhat comical how much bulky equipment is needed to sep up the shots. The steady-cam apparatus is enormous compared to the iPhone itself. And those lenses…

    Overall, impressive, considering the total cost of production.

  • lucascott

    Anyone else notice how it feels like an Apple vid. Same tone music, same ‘Jonny Ive’ cadence and scripting.

    • Geoff Hurst

      And what car does the Great Sir Ive drive? – ahem, a Bentley Brooklands… I suspect some high-level, inside support for this film.

  • DaddyZen

    Shot with the FiLMiC Pro app, and the iProLens Kit from Schneider Optics.