Latest aerial photos of new Apple campus

Some notable progress. When you see the final result, remember these pictures. The land is almost completely cleared. I suspect the trees will return.

Seems to me, the land in the center is at a higher level than the land on the outside of the ring. I wonder if that’s just a trick of the lens or if that’s really true. If so, I wonder what the purpose is there. I love watching this unfold.

  • lifetheuniverseandeverything

    Remember, all of the plans for the building/property are on the city councils website.

    The land in the middle being higher is partly a camera trick and partly true. There are going to be a few small higher elevation spots and a pond in the middle section. But overall the grade from outside and inside the building are equal. Also, there is going to be 2 stories of parking garage under the whole building, so all that earth in the ring has to be cleared out for that. Just wait till they start all the under ground roads/tunnels. That should be cool to see the progress of.

    The trees will return. They are planting a few (around 6k).

  • DanielSw

    Looking at those plans, looks like they’re going to be digging 35-40′ down, not only for two lower garage levels, but deeper for a very thick slab. Above the slab are foundation footings below the lower garage floor. Look on the right side of the ring in the back and you can see the v-groove the scrapers are making. They can still drive and scrape on that incline.

  • GadgetGav

    Buildings have basements and foundations. Parkland doesn’t.