“Unintentional sexism is sexism nonetheless”

Smart words from Gruber.

  • the_other_stevejobs

    Its far safer to ignore the gender of the person you are referring to and use no pronouns.

    The only way to be sure.

  • And correspondingly stupid words from Mac Observer.

  • “Unintentional sexism” is a poor way to describe this. A better way would be “casual sexism.”

  • t_slothrop
  • GadgetGav

    He should live in England and try calling the Queen diminutive..! 😉 Seriously though, I agree with @the_other_stevejobs:disqus – avoid references to gender entirely. Male writers can’t undo casual sexism by others by putting “she” into their writing and to my eye it just looks forced. Use “they” instead of “he” or “she” and you don’t offend anyone. Coming up with nickname titles for the women they report on and not for the men is just casual sexism my MacObserver.

  • Patrick Henry,The2nd

    No its not. If the intent is not sexism, then its not sexism.

    If a person intent is not to be sexist or racist- then who cares. If there intent IS to be sexist or racist- then they are trying to get power over you. And if you let them, they win. Either way, just ignore them.