Mobile Threat Report: It’s all about Android

The vast majority of the new threats found was on Android (no surprise there), which accounted for 275 out of 277 new families we saw in this period, leaving 1 new malware apiece on iOS and Symbian.

I don’t understand why people keep buying this shit. Get off the bus and take a plane.

  • Boback

    Here in UK, most providers have very cheap deals with Android phones. Sometimes even free ones, so people who can’t afford iPhones go for the plans that give them free “smartphones”.

    • imthedude

      Oh its like that in the US as well. They gave away android devices with a shitty haircut not too long ago. Even still, I see buy one get one on them all the time. These are even flagship android phones.

  • “Get off the bus,” is totally going to be the thing I say to Android users whining about their phones from now on.

  • Gerard J

    Finally! Someone is developing for Android first, and exclusively.

    • Nick

      Apple is doomed, their market share/growth on new malware is less than .5%

      • Georgij

        That 1 malware they mention for iOS is installed on jailbroken iPhone. They clearly mention ‘iPhones that have not been jailbroken aren’t affected’

  • hatersgonnahate

  • Bus is cheaper.

  • invinciblegod

    Sort of like how the mac was always so superior to windows because of the lack of malware that people who stayed on it are just dumb people who havent seen the light of mac yet. Another reason to have no respect for anyone who works for google.