iPhone users drink wine, fly on planes; Android users don’t

It turns out more iPhone users do in fact prefer wine to beer. They are also more likely to own stock and to have flown on a plane in the past year. Meanwhile, Android users are more likely to rely on public transportation, describe themselves as religious, have eaten McDonalds in the past month or to smoke tobacco.

  • ttscoff

    I can’t say I like wine, but the rest of it rings true. My iPhone actually made me quit smoking…

  • IamSidney

    What kind of “privileged” BS reporting/journalism (and re-blogging) is this?!? You can re(mis)interpret any incident in a hundred different ways to fit a “preferred” narrative. An impartial way of looking at it would be “different people use different shit.” Jeeez, Jim!

    • where’s the interpreted part? isnt this merely observing the data collected?

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      Ya, take that survey of iPhone and Android users, you guys answered wrong according to IamSidney!

  • Is this suppose to be surprising/meaningful? iPhones are in average more expensive. This is basically like saying Ferrari owners are more likely to be living in a big mansion than, say, owners of Nissan Versa 1.6.

  • Nothing good will come from this headline 🙂

  • Michael

    I had a roast beef sandwich for lunch today. iPhone users are 100% more likely to have a roast beef sandwich for lunch today than Android users. Unless they have one too. Then its a wash.

    • franksspam

      Says the man who has no comprehension of how statistics work.

    • Terry Maraccini

      Is there a need to wash the sandwich?

    • you are a singular data point and therefor no stats can be made from your single data point.

      try again, please.

      • You really don’t understand sarcasm, do you? I mean really. You don’t. Seriously, look it up, because you don’t understand it.

        • Timothy Fultz

          Sarchasm – the gap (chasm) between the person making the sarcastic remark and the person who doesn’t get it. 🙂

  • I drink beer and smoke tabs, me.

  • stsk

    Apparently a small subset of Loop readers have never heard of marketing data, or statistics for that matter.

    It could have been presented in a much more direct manner by Jim: “Android users more likely to live in a trailer and to marry inside the family, while iPhone users mostly know how to read and write and don’t believe pro wrestling is ‘real'”, would be an example. (assuming the data reflects what many already assume.)

  • Terry Maraccini

    I own an iPhone, like Irish whiskey, detest things that require good close eyesight. I don’t like walks in the park, puppies and summer rain.

    I would enjoy smoking, but I don’t smoke.

  • Quick! Everyone list their anecdotes. If we get enough, we can counteract the report.

    • i dont believe in data! therefore, iphone users dont believe in data!

      er, ah. right…guys?

  • Sigivald

    “Also noteworthy is that even where there are differences, Sills said many of the differences go away when the user base is adjusted for income”

    And no link to the source, over there [them, not you, Jim]?


  • The White Tiger

    Honestly, this comparison sounds awfully elitist. I own one model or another of almost every category of Apple product, but I’m a fairly pleb guy. I drive a subcompact, fly coach, prefer soda to wine, etcetera.

  • Daniel Metzroth

    Jim drinks Heineken, I guess someone better buy him a Galaxy S5

  • stats

    “Also noteworthy is that even where there are differences, Sills said many of the differences go away when the user base is adjusted for income.”

    Android has a wider range of price points, so that explains most of this. Also, it would be nice if any of the news sites reporting this would actually link to the survey.