iPad ranks No. 1 in J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction

Apple ranks highest in overall satisfaction with a score of 830 and performs highest in all study factors except cost. Samsung ranks second with a score of 822 and achieves above-average scores in the features, styling and design, and cost factors.

Apple is known for its superior design and quality. When you put that together with price and the ecosystem of apps, music and videos, the iPad is unbeatable.

  • Winning the satisfaction rating by a 1% margin doesn’t seem unbeatable to me.

    • James Hughes

      I don’t think he is referring to just the satisfaction rating but overall as far as tablets are concerned with respect to the whole eco system. Of course nothing is ever truly unbeatable. But for now it still seems to have a solid footing.

      • Right, that makes sense.

        I think Ben Thompson’s analysis on the Apple Store shows it as a larger differentiator than the App Store/iTunes.


      • JohnDoey

        But in that case, why is iPad’s satisfaction rating only a hair above media player tablets that don’t have that ecosystem and only run baby phone apps?

        Yes, Apple is known for superior design and quality, and they are the only ones with real tablet PC apps, and yet, the customer satisfaction on iPad is just a tiny bit above what Samsung poops out. It’s like a world class sprinter winning a foot race with an I-T guy by a nose — sure, you won, but why is it even that close? That win is not something to brag about too much.

        • James Hughes

          I think, as far as the satisfaction rating is concerned at least, that price enters into the equation. That’s one of many variables. Some people are happy enough with the Samsung device because it is less expensive. “It still works, it may not be as good but I can get by.”

    • JohnDoey

      Especially when you consider that iPad is a tablet PC, running PC-class native C/C++ apps, just like Mac and Windows notebook PC’s. The other tablets in this survey are media players (big iPods) that run Java applets that were designed for phones and rarely offer you any benefit from the larger screen.

  • JohnDoey

    I was really satisfied with iPad until iOS 7. Now, I am really unsatisfied. My favorite thing about iPad used to be its stability, and now it is unstable. I used to love how luxurious and non-computery the interface felt, and now it looks and feels like a website made by an amateur. If I wanted to see underlined text links, I could use a Windows PC for crying out loud.

    It doesn’t surprise me to see the Samsung tablets almost even with Apple in satisfaction ratings. Both are essentially poor imitations of the original iPad. Yes, the Apple hardware is nothing short of stunning, but the hardware is just the sizzle, the software is the steak, and it’s become Costco hamburger, only marginally better than what Samsung is cooking.