Zakk Wylde’s custom guitar recovered

A custom-made, $10,000 guitar stolen in March from heavy metal rocker Zakk Wylde’s tour bus outside The Chicago Theatre has been recovered after being sold to a Chicago pawn shop, Wylde’s manager confirmed Saturday.

I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to lose a guitar like that. I’m glad to hear Zakk got it back.

  • If even Zakk Wylde can’t get his guitar back through pawn shop serial registration in an “online database accessible by law enforcement across the country”, how on earth can anyone else get their stolen stuff back? What’s the point of the entire system?

  • Terry Maraccini

    There’s the rub about expensive gear. Do you bring your treasures on the road?

    I lost a custom CB Alyn one time and it was recovered because of a pawn shop alert to local police. it doesn’t happen often enough.