Using the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor: Hint, it sucks balls

This is funny. Sad, but funny.

  • Kip Beatty

    And it’s funny, despite being told again and again and again how Samsung and Android are wiping the floor with Apple in terms of market share, virtually no major media outlet has given a shit that one of the primary features of the flagship Android phone doesn’t work. Can you imagine a certain fruit logo’d company getting a similar pass?

  • Samsung’s sensor is very awkward to use, BUT that Business Insider tester is clearly using it wrong. The helper animation shows you have to swipe the full fingertip in one smooth motion, perpendicular to the phones bottom edge, not from one side at an angle. Of course, the correct way is super awkward and not usable in real life, but testing should be done correctly. I had a chance to play with it, and when done correctly, it works fine.

    And yes, I use 5s with its superior fingerprint sensor 🙂

    • Herding_sheep

      Lets be honest, do you really think the average consumer really cares to know the “proper” swipe technique? Even with a video guide, most people still wouldn’t intellectually understand the difference between swiping from the bottom up, with your finger flat, versus just swiping the finger with no regard to orientation and angle.

      So this video just highlights the superiority of Touch ID (ignoring the technical achievements as well). Its foolproof. It serves the purpose of securing your phone with something easier and quicker than a pin. Samsungs implementation is more awkward for most people than simply typing a pin. They literally did it just so they could say they have a fingerprint scanner too. Where ever Apple goes, Samsung is ten steps behind.

      • I absolutely agree it’s awkward and useless and no one will use it beyond few tries on first launch. I just kinda don’t like when testing is done incorrectly.

  • EzraWard

    I don’t like Samsung’s implementation of a fingerprint sensor at all really. I’ve also been a little disappointed in Apple’s implementation but mainly due to my girlfriend’s iPhone losing my fingerprint within a week of me adding it.

    I thought TouchID was a gimmick at first, but after using it, I really like it. I want to see this ASAP on a Lumia device. I actually get annoyed when I have to type my passcode in on my Lumia 920 after using it a little on the 5s.

    • rattyuk

      Sometimes TouchID is too good. Occasionally I want to check through my notifications and it’s already logged me in. But that has to be better than what was shown in the video.

  • jon gault

    I do it exactly as the animation suggest and most of the time can’t even register a fingerprint, let alone unlock the phone with it. I get 4 good passes and the rest fail. Maybe for whom it works well have more definition in their prints. BTW, I am NOT a fan of apple so I’m not even going to offer a comparison. It just doesn’t work.

  • zp

    The sensor does not work at all on my Galaxy Tab S 8.4. It’s horrible and a joke that this was even implemented in this failed state. It’s utterly worthless, and yes, I am a user who has extensively tested it on my own device. I have deactivated the ‘feature’. What an embarrassment for Samsung.

  • JoeB1

    I am clearly missing something. I stumbled across this, and at this time the video is gone; however, the fingerprint scanner works GREAT for me. I’ve used quite a few biometric devices, so I have some experience with them. I am impressed that I am able to swipe at different angles, slightly off-center, partials, it works! I will admit that on first use, I was a tad annoyed at it’s occasional misses, but then I re-memorized my prints and it was great. I think you have to develop a bit of intuitive understanding of the swipe motion and then re-memorize. Honestly, I think you people must just be Apple bigots, unable to acknowledge that there are other good products out there.