Apple’s new retail chief gets $68 million in stock

Apple Inc granted its new retail chief 113,334 restricted stock units, the company said in a regulatory filing on Monday, valued at $68.1 million based on Monday’s closing share price.

Good people cost money. If Apple is convinced she is worth it, then pay up and let her do her job.

  • John

    She was CEO of Burberry. Apple’s retail has been flat of late and not expanding in Asia. If she can move it 1% then $68 million is cheap.

  • Denis

    Nobody is worth $68 million in salary.

    • Slurpy2k11

      It has absolutely nothing to do with what they’re “worth” as a human being. It has everything to do with the competitive landscape at that level, and the fact that Apple wants her. She’s “worth” whatever she can benefit the company. As John said, $68million if nothing if she manages to improve Apple’s retail experience, and improve sales further. These changes will amount to billions of dollars for Apple- so its a good investment.

      Comparing wages of high level execs to those of policemen/firefighters, etc and trying to argue that “it isnt fair” is an exercise in futility and stupidity.