Add a product to your Amazon cart from Twitter feed using hashtag

Interesting move on Amazon’s part. I do question the effectiveness. I have yet to find a product to tag in my Twitter feed, though I have no doubt the spam will soon start to flow.

Watch the video to see how this works.

UPDATE: I set up a tweet to test this. Reply to the tweet, include the #amazoncart hashtag in your reply, and Amazon will ask you to authorize it to access your Twitter credentials. If you choose to do that, you’ll then be asked to press a button to add the tagged item to your cart. After that, all you need do is reply to a tweet with an Amazon item and the hashtag and it will appear in your cart automatically. Be sure you DELETE THE ITEM you just added, unless you are in need of a banana slicer.

I do not like this interface. Clunky and intrusive. What are the odds you will put a product in your cart without at least checking it out first. Add to that, the second time you do this, Twitter will flag your post as a duplicate if you simply reply to a post with the hashtag. Which means you need to insert a dummy word each time you do this. High annoyance factor, and potentially a big time spam enabler.

Just not feeling it, Amazon. Thumbs down.

  • I haven’t ever seen a product on Amazon via Twitter. If I ever do, I’ll probably unfollow the user as I don’t want to be spammed with product ads on Twitter. I agree with you – completely useless to me, and will just give companies more motivation to spam on Twitter.

  • Nielsen

    I… I don’t get it…? If you see a link in Twitter to an Amazon URL, why not just tap the URL and add it to the cart from the Amazon website? Twitter has a built-in browser, so you’re not really switching apps. Isn’t it more taps to reply and then type in “#AmazonCart”?

  • James Hughes

    Or you just go to Amazon and order an item.

  • Clever. I don’t twitter enough to use this but cool concept.

  • Interesting concept. I can see this solving the problem of users forgetting to go back and buy something they saw on Twitter while on a mobile device, but is this a problem that users are actually having?

  • Billy Razzle

    What a stupid idea.

  • Moeskido

    Not what I prefer to use Twitter for.

  • GTWilson

    This must be the prelude to being bombarded with Amazon-sponsored tweets.