ESPN makes it easy for you to watch the World Cup anytime, anywhere


With the world’s biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, set to kick off in roughly 37 days, ESPN has now revealed how it plans to deliver coverage to you.

At a recent media event in New York City, ESPN President John Skipper and Co. announced that all 64 World Cup matches from Brazil would be streamed live via WatchESPN and ESPN3. Naturally, you’ll need a cable subscription to have access to the feeds, but the good news is that, since ESPN has full rights to the tournament in the US, you won’t be subject to any tedious blackout restrictions.

Most of the US won’t care/won’t watch but this is the biggest sporting event in the world. I’ll be watching every game.

  • Martin_Samuelson

    “Most of the US won’t care/won’t watch”

    This can also be said about the Super Bowl…viewership is less than half of Americans. Of course your point is that the World Cup isn’t popular in America…however, the last World Cup final (Spain vs Netherlands) and the USA vs Ghana round-of-16 both had more viewers than any recent baseball World Series game despite the not being broadcast in primetime.

    So I guess my point is that the World Cup is very popular in America