Watch an entire Baltimore street collapse at once

Heavy rains triggered the collapse of a retaining wall on one side of a railroad track. The road has partially collapsed when this video was shot. The guy who shot the video? His Jeep was one of the cars that got swallowed up.

The action happens about a minute into the video, and it happens fast. It does get a bit loud, so you might want to turn your volume down if you are at work.


    NHK World did a documentary on Mega Landslides which have been occurring in Japan and Taiwan for last 10 years because jet stream shifted due to global warming. and massive amount of rain has been aiming straight at Japan.

    This is finally showing up in US. Let see how long it takes media to say the dread word. Global Warming.

  • Moeskido

    It’s too bad we don’t spend tax revenues on infrastructure projects any more.