Samsung’s viral payola

John Biggs:

If you’ve ever wondered how some videos get popular while others languish in obscurity (or, on the flipside, if you’d like to know how to get some sweet views), look no further than an individual Samsung hired to push their video of a little, walking (Samsung-branded) SD card to social. I’ll refrain from linking to the video as it’s not very exciting.

I really do hate that company.

  • rattyuk

    Leads one to think about how much Samsung paid Foss Patents to do a 180 on his coverage of the Apple / Samsung trial. Despite his protestations I can think of no reason for the about turn.

  • JohnDoey

    This shouldn’t really be surprising. We already knew that Samsung spends exponentially more on marketing than anyone else in tech. Where do you think it is going? They are paying everybody involved with their devices in any way to pretend that Samsung invented the iPhone. Most tech blogs are essentially wholly owned subsidiaries of Samsung. The writers drone on about Samsung “innovations” and the rise of Android, and then they go home to their iPhones and Macs. It’s completely cynical. It continues the trend of tech writers having zero integrity and victimizing regular people who don’t understand, for example, that an iPhone “app” and an Android “app” are not actually the same thing. You can still read a phone review today and they will only review the built-in features — they totally ignore the 3rd party app platform that is the entire point of any computing device.