Luxury retail design

You don’t need to pack a retail store from floor to ceiling to sell products. I really like the experience, as well.

  • That’s what I didn’t understand about Ron Johnson’s strategy with JCPenney. After he arrived, the stores became more packed with products, not less. It felt like a bargain bin with no bargain.

    • I don’t necessarily agree. The stores may have initially had more product packed into them (possibly to sell through inventory).

      However, as sections of the stores were redone to the new “white” design, the amount of product on the floor was lighter. I did like the new designs, etc for the most part.

      Ron Johnson failed in his execution of the strategy by cutting off discounting cold turkey. He should have slowly phased out discounting while the stores were being refurbished and introduced the new low cost products at the same time.

      • Jared Porter

        Also, he wasn’t given enough time and resources, IMO. Wall Street judges businesses these days on a 90-day, quarter to quarter basis only.

  • matthewmaurice

    Interesting, but maybe not surprising, that Burberry gets mentioned for it’s use of technology when the long-time architect of their retail strategy just joined Apple as SVP of Retail & Online Sales.