Facebook’s play to become the glue at the center of mobile

From Quartz:

Facebook’s moves today point to its ambition to become the glue that holds the mobile internet together the same way Google is the glue that holds the web together. Google achieved dominance on the pre-mobile internet world wide web with a similar strategy. Not only did it bring people to the websites via search, it also created a massive data-gathering machine that tracks people across the web and runs AdSense, the web’s biggest ad network.

Facebook made a series of announcements at F8, the Facebook developer’s conference, laying out its agenda to achieve that same position in mobile.

It is arguable that with Applinks (Facebook’s platform for deep-linking), it could wield more power than Google, which makes mobile operating systems and apps but doesn’t have insight into what its users are doing when they’re in other apps.

Facebook certainly has ambition. Seems like they are missing a key ingredient, search. Though they do have the massive postings of their user base to data mine.

  • JohnDoey

    Facebook is not missing search for 2 reasons:

    • mobile users aren’t using Google Search much — that is one of Google’s biggest problems

    • chances are, if a link appears on page 1 of a Google Search (the only page that matters) it has already been recommended at least once on Facebook, so Facebook has the cream of the Google index already

    … so Facebook not having an equivalent to Google Search is similar to Apple not selling music on CD — it’s not a problem. It’s Google Search and CD stores that have the problem.