Science shows how guitar players’ brains are actually different from everybody elses’

I knew it!

Whether it’s playing “Stairway to Heaven” until your fingers bleed or always finding yourself in the center of a group of people intent on singing “Wagon Wheel,” some things are common to all guitarists.

Including, as it turns out, their brain chemistry.

Fascinating. [Via Brother Stu]

  • Terry Maraccini

    Of course, it took you this long to realize this? I’ve been separated from my brain since I first picked up a six string.

  • rb763

    I’m guessing the headline should probably read “good guitar players’ brains.”

  • JohnDoey

    A fun joke, but this is a disappointing article. First of all, they are talking about all musicians, not just guitarists. And we’re not “reading each other’s minds,” we are just predicting what the other musicians are likely to do based on convention and rehearsal and intuition. Because we’re only attempting to predict a few milliseconds ahead, we can be very accurate predictors.

    Secondly, this principle of “having a different brain” is true of anyone who does anything that most people don’t do. People who can touch type have different brains than people who can’t touch type. Accountants have different brains than everyone else also. The act of learning to touch type or do accounting modifies the brain. The act of learning to play music modifies the brain. It is not surprising at all then to study a musician’s brain and find that learning to play music has modified their brain in some way that is unique to musicians.

    I would be more interested to know why guitarists, specifically, all have absolutely terrible handwriting. Completely illegible. Worse than doctors. That would be something specific to guitarists.

    Also, why is it always the small-penis guys who play guitar? (I kid.)