Time’s 100 most influential people

There’s much to consume here. At its core are 100 short biographies of influential people. There’s much to discuss. How did they come up with this list? Where’s Tim Cook? And if he is on the list, I couldn’t find him, which speaks to the clunky interface. Carl Icahn is on the list, but not Tim Cook? Hmm.

Culling the mass of humanity into a single list of the 100 most influential people in the world is no easy task. I did agree with most of the choices. What I really loved about this project is the people who actually wrote the prose that went along with each person.

Among the 100 bio writers were Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, Chris Christie, Judd Apatow, Karl Rove, Michael Bloomberg, Stella McCartney, and Alice Park, just to name a few. The writers were as fascinating as the people they were profiling.

  • rogifan

    I’m not sure why Tim Cook didn’t make this list but Jony Ive did last year (his write up was done by Bono).

  • Sam Doohickey

    Seriously? 97% of these people are not influential in my life. I carve out a scant amount of real estate for Ed Snowden, Robert Redford, and maybe, barely, President Obama. Truth is, I could give a cat’s ass about any of these people in my day-to-day. Too bad there aren’t any TRUE influential people on this list. What pass as influential for Time Magazine is Celebrityism, mixed with five-parts of Sensationalism, three-parts of Narcissism, and a good ol’ healthy dash of Sadism, for kicks. The picture of Carl Icahn’s face about sums-it-up for me.

    No, this is more like when someone asks you if you could have a dinner party and invite anyone, who would you invite. I envision there’s a lot of high-five’s over at Time HQ this morning. They probably think they contributed something significant to journalism with this list. But does the co$t of this drivel reflect the collective effort put into it? I think not. I’d rather remember the wise words from an enduring John Lennon who said, “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.”

    And as for who should be on this list, how about the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bomb, or perhaps, those poor Korean students who perished on the sunken ferry Sewol last week? Or what about the survivors of the 2011 Japanese tsunami ? To me they are far more influential.

    • Slurpy2k11

      To according to you, anyone who survived (or died) in some tragedy is automatically “influential”? Why? Did they actually contribute anything to humanity or society? What are their accomplishments, other than surviving (or dying) by chance? I’m not trying to be glib or crass, but the least you can do is try to acknowledge that your definition of “influential” isn’t universal. Whether you’re a fan of the people on Time’s list or not, or even agree with their philosophies, at least one can list the things they’ve done, that many people know about. Your entire definition of influence seems extremely odd.

  • John

    What a truly awful web site. There may be good content there but it freezes and rescrolls as I go through it. And the popup really needs some convincing to go away.

    Better with Chrome, way worse with Safari.

    • CJ

      And did you notice that, though it acts like a single web page, when you look at the back menu, each name is listed as though each entry was it’s own page. Horrible design.