‘Secret’ journalism

Kevin Wild on the Secret app:

It fits into a new paradigm in today’s tech journalism, the act of reporting on one anonymous source. With the ease of sharing secrets, will Secret be the one anonymous source that new outlets use to break future stories?

I hope not.

  • Breaking: “After work I reward myself by eating Nutella”

  • Secret journalism is journalism without credibility.

  • “I hope not.”

    The story of “Vic Gundotra Leaving Google” was broken on the Secret app.

    • CJ

      You and Kevin Wild apparently have very low standards for journalism.

  • CJ

    From the article: “Secret is also pretty cool. I mean, how awesome is it to invite all your friends to a service which allows you to swap secrets without knowing who they belong to. Cool, right?”

    Kevin Wild is a 12 year-old-girl, the news broken here in The Loop’s comments section.