App Store reviews and contacting the customer

Dan Counsell, the Founder of Realmac Software, brings up some good points in this article. I’ve never talked to a developer that didn’t want to help customers correct a problem. We all make mistakes and when customers are upset, it’s useful to be able to contact them directly.

  • rogifan

    I noticed the new Weather Channel app has a feedback & support section right in the app. Is that a new feature in iOS 7? I haven’t really seen it before in other apps.

  • yummyyummyfly

    Here’s another issue with App Store ratings and reviews (in case someone from Apple is reading):

    I gave a highly negative rating and review to an app sometime back. About a year later the developer came out with an update which fixed all the problems I had with it. I tried to post a new rating and review, but the system brought up my earlier rating and review, so I updated my rating and review to 5 stars and a very positive note, respectively.

    However, my positive rating and review only show up if one clicks on ratings and reviews for “All Versions.” That is, my feedback is only showing up for the original version of the app.

    But this is obviously not the right way for it to show up. My positive rating and review were for the current version of the app, not the original version. They should show up when one clicks on ratings and reviews for the “Current Version”.

    $ 0.02

  • asdfasdfsadf

    I am one of the people Dan is talking about but I DID contact their support and it was a horrible experience.

    Ember deleted all my data from my computer locally AND iCloud but luckily my second computer still had the data so I was able to make a backup and then force-restore it. That took me hours to do though because every step of their usual process for working around those issues ALSO had bugs. Ember is the worst piece of software I’ve ever used as far as bugs and that is including alpha/beta releases. It is an absolute disaster.

    He’s whining about their low ratings because they released software with nuclear bugs in it, many people lost their data irreparably. I reached out to “support” which clearly ended up being just a programmer because there was no apologies and he just wanted to know hard facts. They are assholes who release insanely buggy software at a very slow rate. Even the newest update doesn’t work still. They deserve lower revenue.

    • Hi,

      I work at Realmac Software, in Marketing and Support, so there is a chance you might have dealt with me or one of my colleagues.

      First of all, I’d like you to know that we are extremely sorry about this issue between Ember and iCloud, and quite sad to hear you seem to have had a bad experience.

      Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find your ticket in our support platform, but I’d quite like to try and bring you satisfaction.

      We’ve spent the past month making sync in Ember more robust so these issues don’t arise again and have released this update last week: once the initial migration to the new iCloud engine is over, syncing should be much more stable.

      We’ve documented the iCloud issues on our support site, and are ready to help you if you’d like to leave us a support request via our Help Centre (

      Just so you know: in most cases, the issue is not about Ember or iCloud deleting your library and data, but iCloud being unable to pull it down locally.

      In any case, once again, I look forward to hearing from you here or via the Help Desk so we can try to troubleshoot your issue.

      Best, Thibault