iOS 8 Wishes

Federico Viticci did a nice job on bringing together some features he would like to see in the next version of iOS. One thing I’ve learned over the years is how different people’s wish lists for an operating system can be. Also, Viticci did a nice job on the site redesign.

  • imthedude

    From what I’ve heard via Gruber and Gurman on the talk show, it seems Healthbook will be the major star of iOS 8. If that’s so, I’d be pretty disappointed personally.

    • lucascott

      If all they do is add healthbook then I would be also. But if it’s the big feature add among a bunch of little things then I am not particularly bothered. Depending on the execution.

      • imthedude

        I agree 100%. I’m sure HB will be useful for some, but it’s no great shakes at all to me. I’m not going out and buying wifi scales.

  • They need to fix how you get content on your devices. It is a shame in 2014 that I have to open iTunes and sync after wiping to get one movie on my iPad.

  • JohnDoey

    The only thing I want from iOS 8 is for it to be designed and built by an entirely different team of people than iOS 7, so that iOS software can return to stability and beauty and ease of use.

    The iOS 7 team can move on to their true calling, which is designing architect’s bathrooms.

  • Cristian Pedrotti

    I think that “The Solution” for Photo Streaming, Screnshot, terrible iWork Cloud management and so on is integrate Dropbox in iOS. What about having strong Financial Quarters and so much cash and still give us that terrible iCloud service ?

  • itpromike

    What’s your wish for iOS 8 Jim?

  • dkbame

    Awesome! Im ready for the 1st Beta I used and registered all my iDevices with them. Great service very happy customer