Apple patents technique to prevent texting while driving

Clearly, this is worthwhile stuff. I think this will be incredibly difficult to implement, but I applaud the effort.

  • Ron Miller

    I think the only way that this will work is if car manufacturers put iBeacons inside the car so the phone knows who is sitting in the driver seat

  • My Garmin GPS did this. I hated it; it prevented my wife from navigating while I was driving.

  • Lukas

    Can’t wait for the article explaining how Apple is killing people by patenting a potentially life-saving feature, and thus preventing competitors from implementing it.

  • Patrick Henry,The2nd

    Ugh this is terrible. A) I’m an adult, and I can use my phone just fine when I’m driving. B) What if I’m a passenger?

    I absolutely hate the in-car navigation systems for this very reason. You can’t do anything while driving.

    • I’m an adult, and I can use my phone just fine when I’m driving.

      I’m sure you can. What you can’t do is then drive just fine while you’re using your phone. If you have bluetooth communication to an earpiece or paired with the car systems, then fine. If you’re arguing that you can use the screen and still pay sufficient attention to what’s happening on the road in front of you, then you’re a dick.

      • Patrick Henry,The2nd

        Except I can. I am arguing that I can use the screen and still pay sufficient attention to what’s happening. Because I know when to do it and when not to. I’m no dick, I just want my freedom.

        • I’m sure you think you can. And you’ll continue to think that, right up to the point when you can’t, and to fail to see the red light, or stopped car, or the kid stepping off the curb right at the point when you were looking at the screen. The instances of people causing serious or fatal accidents, all of whom thought they were perfectly capable of glancing at a phone and still driving safely, are legion.

          • Patrick Henry,The2nd

            Nope, I know I can. Because I know where lights are and when they are likely to change. I know when cars are stopping, and I rarely text when cars are in front of me unless I know I have enough stopping distance and available reaction time. A stepping off the curb I can’t do anything about- its his fault anyway. I’ll do my best to avoid it.

            And these same things can all happen if I’m checking my speedometer (because of stupid speed limits), checking the radio, looking at something on the side of the road, and many other innocent things. There is no reason to punish texting when its no different.

            And a good driver knows how to be observant and when to do things. I’ve avoided many accidents because I watch what other cars are doing and where they can unexpectedly come from (like side roads). and only when I know I’m safe do I text. I’ve never had an at-fault accident. We could save more lives by teaching people how to be good drivers- instead of relying on anti-liberty ideas like licenses, registrations, taxes, fees, and bans on talking and texting- none of which save lives, and in the case of texting bans make things worse.

            So please, don’t tell me what to do- I’m an intelligent human and I can make my own informed decisions. Just because there are some people out there that aren’t safe doesn’t mean I should be punished.

  • Sigivald

    As long as you can turn it off, I don’t care if it exists.

    Assuming they ever actually implement anything; we should all know that “patent” does not mean “product”.

    If you can’t turn it off, it’s bull.

    (For reasons as Patrick Henry 2 says – almost anyone can safely text [and is it just ‘texting’ or ‘any use of the phone’ or ‘anything but Music’ or …?] in stop-and-go traffic.

    Turning that off “because it’s DRIVING!” is stupid. Like “legislator” stupid.

    My Garmin has a “no, I’m a grownup or I pinky-swear the navigator is doing this” switch to turn off nanny mode. Every device should, if it tries to be “smart” about this. Because it’s never going to be smart enough.)