Super, double top secret photo of iPhone 7 that I found…

… In my beard.


  • Dave


  • Paul Sprangers

    I think this is of a prototype. The bezels are way to think!

  • jhudsonwa

    Seems a bit blurry and the screen is too small. I’m going with fake. Apple would never release something in purple.

    • Two words: Grape iMac.

      Also I hear purple is an important color in some emerging markets.

  • J

    Liquid metal? Sure looks like it.

  • That home button, its shaped like the “Intel Inside” logo. Apple’s ditching their in-house chips!!!

  • owmyheadhurts

    Only six icons on the home screen? That can’t be right.

  • gavin

    I bet it’ll be light

  • Looks like Apple ripped off Samsung on this one. Besides, this is old news. I saw this as being released from a Chinese factory. The Beard has pulled a fast one on you Jim.

  • mullmullmull

    This clearly is an indication of Apple’s failings under Tim Cook’s leadership, (unless it does well, in which case it’s a product that clearly was developed by Jobs prior to his death).

  • What the fuck is wrong with Apple!? Tim Cook needs to end Jony Ive’s reign of two-dimensional terror in the next 16 hours or Apple will be irrevocably damaged. Steve Jobs would never allow this!!

    • rosewoodat5th

      Haha, looks like the phone has gone “flat” too!

  • Atom


  • Toddler

    The gap in the top right corner is obviously a credit car reader.

  • Billy Razzle

    I’ll wait for the 7S.

  • Next iPhone called “iPhone 7” – confirmed!

  • Mayson

    Taking a queue from the Kindel: paper-(off)-white, and with Apple’s constant goal, also paper-thin!

  • MichaelQ

    Finally. The iPhone Nano.

  • Merckel

    Samsung, start your copiers….