Cat Stevens: Father and Son

One of the greatest songs ever written.

  • snaab4


  • Lukas

    Presumably, he’d prefer it if you used his chosen name, Yusuf Islam, rather than Cat Stevens. Other than that, I agree.

  • Brucie

    Love it when Jim posts songs on the Loop – more please!

  • Prof. Peabody

    Until Yusuf writes the same songs as Cat Stevens, I will always refer to this guy as Cat Stevens. Islam may have saved the man inside, but it destroyed his music and “killed” Cat Stevens.

    He could have been a leader, but he chose to follow some old men instead.

    • Lukas

      In conclusion, because he’s not making songs as good as he used to (like pretty much every musician who had hits decades ago), you’re not going to show him basic respect and address him the way he prefers and asks to be addressed. Congratulations on being brave enough to make such an amazing stand. My hat’s off to you.

      • Prof. Peabody

        I think you’re seeing a slight not only where one was not intended, but where one doesn’t even exist.

        All I was really saying is that “Cat Stevens” is a different guy from Yusuf. The former is one of my idols, the latter is just some old guy who sounds similar when he plays Cat Stevens songs.

        I don’t think there is anything disrespectful about thinking that. Of course if I met him, I would say “Hey Yusuf” and not be rude, but they aren’t the same guy.

        I mean imagine if Lennon had joined the Hari Krishna’s, stopped writing music and changed his name. Wouldn’t we have had the right to grieve the loss of his genius? Wouldn’t we have lost respect for him? I think so.

  • dodahday

    another sellout

  • RayRobertson

    Thanks, Jim. As a father struggling with a son, I really needed to hear that one today.

    • vbonline

      You really don’t understand the song fully until you have kids yourself…