Assaulted for wearing Google Glass, but not for privacy reasons

Kyle Russell writes for Business Insider. He was wrapping up an assignment, covering a protest of a Google lawyer turned part-time landlord, when someone ran up to him and grabbed his Google Glass from his face.

The story is less about this assault and more about the impact well heeled startups are having on the local communities. As the money floods in, housing prices rise, taxes increase, and local residents are priced out of their homes. Anger and resentment brews. Can this be fixed? A thoughtful read.

  • “Kyle Russell writes for Business Insider.” THAT’S why he was assaulted…

  • Terry

    No one should ever be put in a position that Kyle was put in. However, if there was ever an exception, it would be, a)Business Insider, and b)Google Glass. That is a combination guaranteed to cause the earth to stop turning.

    • JohnDoey

      It’s like if a proctologist looked inside your asshole and there was another asshole in there.

  • JohnDoey

    People are not just being priced out of their homes in San Francisco. This particular case was a Google lawyer who bought a 7 unit apartment building in San Francisco and evicted all the tenants because he is going to live in the entire building by himself. One of the residents who was evicted was a public school teacher.

    Also, a really big problem is that the tech workers who are moving in just sit in their houses every night using the Internet and so bars and restaurants are closing all over the city as long-time native residents are forced to move to Oakland or Berkeley. The rich people who are moving in don’t go to bars and there are no middle class people left.

    Another problem is the Castro district in San Francisco — which is famous for being an LGBT sanctuary — has been taken over by straight business people who have managed to close down a bunch of sex shops and all the steam rooms at the gyms and imposed a dress code on San Franciscans. Basically, just destroying gay culture right at the root.

    Even if you don’t live in San Francisco but only visit from time to time, you have really lost something lately. Soon there will just be two San Jose’s and no San Francisco.