Millions of Android devices vulnerable to Heartbleed

Be well Android people and make your way to an Apple store.

  • Phones aren’t a big concern here.

    “Still, there are no signs that hackers are trying to attack Android devices through the vulnerability as it would be complicated to set up and the success rate would be low, Rogers said. Individual devices are less attractive to go after because they need to be targeted one by one, he said.”

    The big concern, if any, is in the apps. App devs use OpenSSL in iOS apps so we gotta be diligent updating our apps.

  • Lukas

    It doesn’t make sense to attack client devices with this bug. Unless people are connecting their Android phones to the Internet and providing secure connections to their phones to other people, this is an absolute non-issue. And, by the way, there are iPhone apps that use OpenSSL libraries, so it’s not as if the iPhone was immune from this; telling people to buy iPhones to fix this is missing the point entirely.

    Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the same applies: you might be vulnerable in theory, but it is a complete non-issue in practice.