How Uber plans to challenge Amazon on same day delivery

I would not have made the connection from Uber to same day package delivery, but once you see the logic, hard to punch a hole in it. They are leveraging their existing GPS tracking infrastructure.

Instead of pushing a button and getting a ride, UberRUSH lets users push a button to summon a courier, who will ferry small packages across Manhattan by foot or bike. And according to reports, the sender and receiver will be able to track the delivery’s progress in real time, much like waiting for an Uber ride to show up. But this is hardly a new concept. Countless others are trying to build businesses using app-powered bike messengers.

The salient point here is that, with its new courier service, Uber is going after the big boys. With the logistical expertise it has built up over the past four years of perfecting its ride-sharing platform, Uber is sketching the outlines for a challenge to the Amazons, eBays, and Googles of the world, hoping to win a much larger war for same-day delivery.

Love them or hate them, Uber has become a force to be reckoned with.