Facebook killing off in-app messaging

Soon, you will have to download Facebook’s messaging app in order to chat with people using the service.

  • Joseph Blake

    I actually prefer it this way. Messaging in the Facebook app sucks, and having duplicate notifications every time someone messages you sucks.

    Obviously eventually WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will merge into one. Maybe they can manhandle SMS into it too.

    • Sigivald

      Well, I don’t think they can manhandle SMS into it on IOS – my impression is that iOS won’t let anyone do that.

      I dislike it because I dislike having to switch tasks; I’d rather have never had Messenger, and have them fix the FB app’s internal chat…

      • Joseph Blake

        Well, when I say manhandle SMS into it, I mean go along the route of giving everyone a phone number and doing it Google Voice style

  • Moeskido

    I’ll avoid clicking through to the Verge and wait to learn if this app will provide hooks for clients like Adium.

  • We need an app.net-like answer to Facebook.

    One can dream.

  • David Zentgraf

    Woohoo! No more annoying push notifications about messages I don’t even care about!