Microsoft to compete with Amazon and Netflix with their own original programming


Microsoft Corp. is going Hollywood with a cast including comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green, aspiring World Cup players and eerily human robots.

All are involved in shows that Microsoft’s new Xbox television studio plans to roll out globally starting in June. Helmed by former CBS Corp. honcho Nancy Tellem, who Microsoft hired 19 months ago to build a TV powerhouse from the ground up, the studio now has six series lined up — including a science-fiction thriller called “Humans” about humanoid robot workers — and more than a dozen projects in development.

This is Microsoft’s not-so-Trojan horse into the living room, building dependence on the Xbox One for accessing web-based programming on your TV, competing with Apple TV, Fire TV, and Google’s evolving TV solution.

  • What about MSNBC 😛

  • James Hughes

    “building dependence on the Xbox One for accessing web-based programming on your TV” As long as it can be recorded and shared there will never be a dependence.

  • I smell bullshit… My Apple TV works fine with my iPhone. I can send photos and watch Netflix. I don’t even have cable tv anymore.

  • If this is actually true I really hope they plan on doing comedies, because I’m already laughing.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    As an Xbox One owner, the UX is so horrible that Microsoft will never make inroads to this. I just switched back to Apple TV after using Xbox One exclusively for a week. Horrible.