Since Android is so infested with Malware, users feel the need to protect themselves. It makes sense that the No. 1 paid app is Virus Shield, except:

Unfortunately for the buyers, Android Police has discovered that all the app does is change a red “X” graphic to a red “check” graphic. Literally. The 859kb app doesn’t protect, secure, or scan anything.


This app costs $3.99, has been on the Play Store for just under two weeks and has already had 10,000 downloads with a 4.5 star review from 1,700 people. 2,607 people hit the Google “recommend” button.


  • totally should have been employed here.

  • Oh man. So awesome.

  • Next the virus protection apps will actually be malware.

    • 程肯

      I thought desktop PC virus protection apps were scareware?

  • DanielSw

    Just deserts for those who resort to Android in the first place.

  • Billy Razzle

    Shouldn’t it be a green check mark?

  • alj_disc

    Priceless. Actually there is a price of 3.99$. LOL

    Open wins everytime indeed, especially for crooks and scam artists

  • This has nothing to do w/ open just scammy developers. It is not platform agnostic:

    Also, it’s not #1: It isn’t even close. Minecraft is $6.99 and has over 1M. This garbage had 10,000 downloads at $3.99.

    Very poor job by Neowin.

    • So the lists are based strictly on lifetime gross? That’s even stupider, John.

      • The link above is but here are the top new paid:

        That meet your need(s)?

        • I just don’t know how we prove it wasn’t on there. t assume it was on Top New Paid before? Of course it’s been removed; the app isn’t in Play anymore.

          • Very possible but with link bait headlines like this you don’t get quite enough clarity and they don’t say, unless I missed it in the article.

    • This is about what happens when you have an open app marketplace where no one is validating that this app does what it says it does.

      • Yep. On the flip side a closed app marketplace let’s scams through too so closed fails too.

      • I got an email of you responding with the following:

        “Well we can discuss the merits of a closed app market place that is policed versus an open app market place where no one is validating that this app does what it says it does.”

        I’m more than willing to have that discussion. Let’s start with how both platforms have scams in them then discuss how each could better address it. [no sarcasm]

  • twmills

    The green checkmark is a $2.00 add-on.

    • Billy Razzle

      Exactly what I thought.

  • Moeskido

    I feel bad for the normal, everyday consumers who don’t RTFM for a living, and thought they were buying something “just like the iPhone” but cheaper. And then trusted Google Play to sell software as advertised.

  • evilapa

    I’m not sure what is the most extraordinary: that the scam worked, or that Android users paid money.

  • RaptoR

    What about quality and reliability tests of an app from Google, before they publish an app? Were they tricked too or there even isn’t any? Shame on you Google.