A guide to solving iOS battery drain

Well written, easy to follow. [Via Rafiq Sarlie]

  • lucascott

    One thing not mentioned is location services. Just like the isue of background app refresh and push LS can be a cause as some apps are just screwy about handling it. I found that turning it off in many apps (Facebook being on) was very effective.

    And those times are on the iPad at least as of 7.1

    • scottyloveless

      Lucas: I will add LS to the post, you’re definitely right that a lot of apps use it too liberally and it can cause major drain. Thanks!

      • lucascott

        Another one to experiment with is cell data use. I’ve only ever used my own iPhone and iPad for this but I find that going on the internet via cell data, especially where reception is iffy, my battery drains faster. So I avoid any kind of video or music streaming on cell data double if I’m in a low service area