Fantastical 2 for iPad

All the beauty of Fantastical, but now for the iPad. I use it for the Mac and iOS—I beta tested the iPad version and love it.

  • Jörg

    Maybe it´s fantastic, but at this prize it could be universal for iPad and iPhone/iPod..

    • The White Tiger

      Flexibits is one of those groups that thinks the widespread expectation of single-dollar software and limitless free updates is detrimental. Some people would think this goes too far in the other direction, but honestly, I don’t mind paying a comparatively larger amount upfront if something is clearly well-designed. Fantastical on both iPhone and Mac have been stellar, and the iPad interface seems to be genuinely intuitive and useful. It’s the same reason I use OmniFocus– on iPhone it’s $20 and never on sale, but I’d say it’s still a worthy investment because of the depth of its features.

      It’s also comforting to know that when I pay good money for a piece of software, the developers are making money from sales; not from harvesting my information. Apps like Sunrise are good, but I’m always a little reluctant to try them because of the fact that they don’t cost any money. Where’s the profit coming from?