Fools of the Year

Has it been another year again?! Because, really, reading the work of these pundits, it seems like it’s been a lot longer. But catalog the atrocities we must! For history must know … that … uh …

Ladies and gentlemen, the Macalope.

  • avro

    Absolutely Superb!

  • EzraWard

    Am I supposed to laugh at the Macalope or with him(it?)? Funny enough, I looked at some of the people that he picked for fools of the year. I noticed #5, Paul Thurrott.

    Thinking he was a nice enough guy, I took a look at what he supposedly said, and apparently he said that Tim Cook should be fired. I followed the link. The link was to a weekly Macalope column. Then I followed the next link to see where Thurrott made that statement.

    I get to the article where Thurrott supposedly says this. It’s part of a transcript with Ed Bott talking about Steve Ballmer. The conversation doesn’t include Paul at all and Ed doesn’t even say exactly what Paul is purported to say.

    The original Macalope article has multiple comments correcting that mistake, but it made it into the Fools of the Year list anyway.

    Yikes. If you love to criticize, you have to get your facts straight.

    • DanielSw

      Why? If Apple’s enemies don’t bother to get their facts straight, why should the Macalope? Any “negative” of a “negative” is a positive in my mind, and, besides, if I’m going to read any “news” at all, I’d much rather read the ‘lope’s. Far more entertainment value.