AnandTech takes on Apple’s Cyclone micro-architecture

If you know the difference between the Apple A6 and the A7, and if the term ARMv8-A means anything to you, then this read will likely bring you great joy. Anand Lal Shimpi is one smart guy.

  • Bhaskar

    Tech press is not showcasing this with any enthusiasm because, it is Apple’s acheivement and engineering prowess.

    • Moeskido

      That’s okay. When Samsung announces something almost equivalent, it’ll be hailed as “innovative” and “game-changing.”

      • Herding_sheep

        Or rather when Samsung announces something that simply has larger numbers, aka # of cores or clock speed, then its hailed as innovative. Benchmarks don’t lie! But true engineering talent and aiming higher than everyone else in the industry results in a passing eye.

        • Sebastian Paul

          It was even worse this time – Apple introduced a SoC with larger numbers, 64bit instead of regular 32bit CPUs. Problem was: Most people only think of the increase in the maximum amount of RAM with 64bit-architectures and focused on “Unnecessary: Nobody needs more than 4 gigabytes of RAM in a smartphone” and ignored the performance benefits. Which is weird, because the first desktop processor with a 64bit extension, the AMD Athlon64, also was released long before more than 1GB of RAM became a norm, but still had big performance improvements over older AMD- and also Intel-processors. Back then, people understood that 64bit was only another feature on a CPU that simply had a better architecture than previous CPUs.

          But this time it’s different. Back then, almost everyone liked AMD. Now, almost everyone hates Apple.

          If Samsung had used the A7 in one of their phones “YEAH 64bit, APPLE IS SELLING LAST GENS 32bit PHONES, DOOOOOMED!”